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What is the benefit of kids participating in sports?


Arden Yook

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Allowing your kids to participate in games enables them to explore and develop different skills that become beneficial in their lives. Through participation in different sporting activities, kids are exposed to various emotional, mental, educational and social benefits. Some of the benefits of kids participating in sports include:

Maintenance of discipline–Sports, in general, requires its participants to be disciplined. All sports also have rules which must be followed which includes following the conditions set for the sport to go on. It is very beneficial for kids since it helps them develop discipline at a very young age.

Regular exercise–Through participation in sports, kids build endurance and stamina. Sports help them maintain a healthy body which is a good way of preventing most diseases.

Leadership skills–When a game requires a team effort participating kids will learn about leadership. It is because each kid will have the responsibility if ensuring that the team is successful. Leadership is not always about the best or who is on top but about taking responsibility and being accountable in everything you do.

Teaching respect – Through sports, kids learn the consequences of not following rules. It enables them to be respectful in and out of the field. In sports, kids are taught to respect coaches and officials who facilitate the games. Also, they are taught how to respect their opponents as a sign of good sportsmanship. It is later translated into their careers whether they continue with sports or move to other jobs.

Development of self-esteem – Kids do not need to be taken to specific classes to learn about self –esteem all you need to do is engage them in sports activities. When they are congratulated or even encouraged to work harder, they believe in themselves which is the easiest way to build self-esteem.

There are many other benefits of kids participating in sports such as teamwork, developing healthy relationships, making new friends, developing their talents among others. In general life experiences learned through sports are helpful for kids and are transferred into their daily lives even during their careers.

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