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What is the applications of medical mechatronics?


Kanika Tanu

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This is truly an age where virtually every aspect of life is dominated by the advancements and discoveries in science and technology. The healthcare sector is witnessing a relentless stream of innovations all aimed at ensuring humans have a much higher quality of life. This is where medical mechatronics come in – not many are familiar with this though. Medical mechatronics clarifies the link between innovation and mechatronics in medical instruments. 

In the sections of this article below, the very interesting and diverse applications of medical mechatronics will be fully stated. 

    Medical mechatronics has found applications in surgery (with special emphasis on endoscopic surgery). In endoscopic surgeries, mechatronic systems are employed in the direction of the laser scalpel, lens, the entire camera system, for the collection of samples or release of liquids. These systems have allowed for greater accuracy and precision thus eliminating the chances of life-threatening risks and complications. However, it must be stated that endoscopy is not the only aspect of surgery where medical mechatronics have found useful. The area of robotic surgery is also another prominent one. Here, robotic surgical devices like grippers, retractors and automatic stitching systems have made life a lot easy for many surgeons and more importantly, radically changing how surgeries are done today. Much of the progress recorded today with minimally-invasive surgeries are directly linked to medical mechatronics. With these applications, patients spend less time on hospital beds, recovery time is greatly reduced, and the chances of coming down with devastating post-surgical complications are reduced. 
    In studying the most complicated organ in the human body, cutting-edge technological feats in electrophysiology are employed. For instance, mechatronics systems are utilized in the positioning of self-driving electrodes often used in electroencephalography.
    Also, the development of artificial neural networks is another area of brain studies that have been massively impacted by medical mechatronics. This area shows great promise in not only providing a better understanding of how our brains work but also how to get cures for some of the most debilitating brain diseases and disorders. 
    Scans and imaging methods are very crucial and integral to success when trying to make diagnoses of diseases. Here is another area where medical mechatronics have helped greatly. Accurate but miniature modules are now used in systems for diagnosis and even in telemedicine. Improved eye wears with updated functions are all products of medical mechatronics as well.

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