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What is the advantage of English language in our life?


Mary E Graham

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English is one of the most important and widely spoken languages. The importance of English cannot be denied. It is pronounced as the first language in many countries and is used in various sectors such as education, medicine, engineering, business.

There are some reasons why English is essential in our lives. Following are some of the valuable ideas of why learning English is necessary for all of us:

1. It is one of the most dominating languages

English is a pervasive language and is one of the most dominating languages of the world. It is spoken as an official language in about 53 countries in the whole world. It is the second most common language all over the globe. So, it is essential to have command over this language.

2. More Career Opportunities

Knowledge of English will help you to achieve all your career goals. It is a language which is used in International Business. Learning English will bring in more career opportunities for you. You can even work as a translator or a language teacher. It is a dominant business language. It is essential for you to have excellent command over the word if you want to enter into the business industry.

3. A lot of Movies are in English Only

English not only gives you access to the world of business and professionalism, but it also gives you access to the world of entertainment. A lot of films, movies, books, and music are in the English language only. So, if you’re a person who loves watching movies and listening to music, you should learn this language thoroughly.

4. The top language of the Internet

English also provides you access to enjoy things on the Internet as it is one of the most-used words on the Internet. Most of the content and information available on the Internet is in English. So, if you know how to read and speak English, you can enjoy and get access to the incredible information available on the digital platform.

5. Make it easy to understand other languages

English is the most accessible language to learn, and it also makes it easier to understand other languages such as Roman and the French. It is a Germanic language which has lots of similar vocabulary used in the Romance languages (French, Spanish, and Portuguese).

6. Makes you smarter

Researchers have found that learning a new language such as English helps in the effective functioning of the brain and helps to keep the mind sharp and healthy.

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