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What is the advantage of e-commerce?


Sabina Patil

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E-Commerce is the platform that provides the facility for users and businesses to interact with each other. It is like a mediator between these two. Or we can say it is the activity of performing the purchase and sale of goods and transactions through the internet. E-commerce is applied in various fields nowadays.
The major reason behind its success is the rapid growing usability of the Internet.

When we talk about its benefits, the first word that comes to our mind is convenience. It is for both the user and the company.

Let’s talk about its advantages especially for customers;

  • Reduces your effort to purchase the product and allows you to shop online at your place whether you are anywhere in the world.

  • Reduces your travel cost for reaching a particular shop.

  • You will have a wide range and variety of goods. As there are some limitations in the number of goods in a physical store, but an online store can keep a huge quantity of products that enables you to have a huge variety of options for your desired product.

  • Saves time instead of visiting the shop, you can have the facility to purchase online that automatically reduces your time wastage.

  • Transparency in the process – you will have all the details regarding your product, and its delivery through its tracking feature that enables you to have exact information about your product location as well as delivery timings.

  • 24*7 availability of Online Stores allows you to shop your desired product at any time. No matter whether it is early morning or midnight.

Now it turns to discuss advantages for the businesses –

  • The Biggest benefit is the Globalization of your Business. E-commerce platform allows you to expand your business in the national or international level. You can spread awareness of your business worldwide.

  • Improves your customer service.

  • Makes your business process more efficient and productive.

  • You can showcase the variety and huge quantity of products. In short, you will become a one-stop solution for the customers.

  • E-commerce allows you to achieve your presence online through search engine techniques, which in result increase revenue for your business.

  • Reduces the cost of Inventory of Goods.

  • Online availability of your business always ensures customers to purchase goods from you with their convenience and comfort level. That brings you always in demand.

  • E-commerce platform makes you always available to your customers. That means 24*7 you can open your online store, that way can increase your sales by getting more orders.

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