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What is supplemental life insurance?


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To have a safe and happy future, people get their life insured by different life insurance companies. No one knows how long he/she is going to live. Hence it is better to have some backup plans for the future. For this purpose, life insurance comes to use. Usually, it is purchased through different coverage providing agents. These agents get a commission on the amount of insurance policy sold by them. The more the amount of system sold, the more is their commission.

      There are specific terms and conditions for each life insurance policy. Those are to be cross-checked before entering to this policy. The amount of money will be provided only if the conditions get satisfied. The agent will not be liable for any chances of fraud if the client misinterprets the situation. Supplemental life insurance is a kind of life insurance benefit that can be either given by an employer or by a private insurance firm.

Supplemental life insurance can be accrued through 2 ways, Through employer or privately.

1. Employer-provided insurance - This type of insurance acts as an additional advantage in addition to the salary and allowances provided by an employer. It is helpful for additional support for the family and loved ones of the employee. The following should be kept in mind.

  • Accidental death - Some policies do not cover all type of deaths; it only covers accidental death. In this case, it will not act like complete security as if he/she dies by some other reason other than an accident, no claim will be provided, and the purpose of life insurance will be unfulfilled. For instance, if eyesight, hearing, or limb are lost due to an accident are considered in this policy.

  • Burial insurance - These types of insurance only cover the cost of cremation of the employer. They only offer a little amount of money which cannot be used for the livelihood of the family of the employer.

  • Non-portable - Some employers provide life insurance benefit only until the employer works for them. These kinds of insurance will be of no use if the employee retires. The life of a person is secured until he is an employer of that company.

2. Private company's insurance - A person can even purchase additional life insurance through private insurance companies. These companies offer a variety of life insurance policies. It is like a collective purchase of a life insurance policy.  These insurances have the above first two limitations. And the main advantage is that it is portable.

       Whether it is an employer-provided or privately purchased supplemental life insurance, it is essential for the financial security of the employee. Any person should choose the appropriate type of protection so that after his/her death, the family members don't have to suffer from any financial problems and they can live happily and enjoy their life.

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