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What is statistical mathematics?

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Krishna Mehta

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About Mathematics: Mathematics can be described as one form or branch of science which deals with logic relating to shape, arrangement, and quantity. Math is in every aspect of our lives all and, in everything that we do. 

About Statistics: Statistics is an important branch of mathematics which deals with the collection of data, organization, interpretation, analysis, and presentation. Statistics is undoubtedly a highly interdisciplinary subject.  Researches done using statistics can be used virtually in all scientific fields. 

About Statistical mathematics or mathematical statistics: Mathematical statistics is basically the application of the theory of probability, which is a typical branch of mathematics.  There are some typical mathematical techniques which need to be used in statistical mathematics and that include mathematical analysis, stochastic analysis, linear algebra, differential equations, as well as measure theory. 

Statistics plays a very critical role in almost all fields of human activity. Statistics is used for finding the current position for calculating per capita income, growth rates of population, unemployment, housing, and many other things of the nation. The methods which are used by natural sciences proved to be highly reliable but the conclusions which are drawn from that are actually probable. The reason is that it is based on incomplete pieces of evidence.

Statistics support in describing such measurements in a very precise manner. As we earlier mentioned that Statistics is actually an important branch of the subject applied mathematics. There are many statistical methods for example dispersions, probability averages, estimation, etc., which are derived from mathematics and is an important part of mathematics. Again there are different techniques which are used in pure mathematics for example differentiation, integration, and algebra which are also used in analyzing statistical data. 

In short, here we can say that the perfect combination of mathematics and statistics gave birth to the subject or concept of statistical mathematics. If you are having a degree in Mathematics as well as in Statistics then that will empower you with the needed skills for developing as well as the implementation of these methods.  It provides one of the fascinating combinations which will support in using deep as well as mathematically well-established method-building along with wide-range of applied work using data.

If the subject of Statistical mathematics can be grasped well then that will help in getting a well-established career in various research fields.  The importance of this subject is increasing with every passing day because of the technological achievements the industry is making.


Daniel Brian

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