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What is social media marketing?

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Randolph Dwyer

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The 21ST Century has witnessed some of the most significant advancements in the fields of science and technology. The era of the internet revolutionized our daily aspect, and we shifted our focus from the physical world into the virtual world. Social Media Marketing is one such effect of technology revolutions. 

Social Media Marketing in simple words is the online way of marketing and branding of products using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., to attract more audience and turn them into valuable clients. Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool, and with the best marketing strategies, it can be used to draw a  large crowd without any hassles.

One of the critical components of Social Media Marketing is Social Media Optimization (SMO)-which is a strategy aimed at drawing a large group of audience to a website. Search Media Optimization is usually performed by attaching social media links to any content including RSS feeds, sharing buttons or by promoting different activities on social media by updating status, posting blogs or sharing tweets.

The benefits of Social Media Marketing are endless. Some of which are mentioned below:

•    Social Media Marketing helps a company to collect direct feedback from the targeted audience and potential clients. it allows the viewer to ask or voice any complaints. 

•    Social Media Marketing is an economical way of promoting a brand and making it known to a large group of people at once. This will help a company to convert a large group into potential clients.

•   Higher Conversion rate: With Social Media Marketing a company can reach out to a large group of people and the brand's visibility increases. The more unique the post is, the more attention it will draw, and this increases the chances of getting a more significant number of potential customers.

•    Increased Customer Satisfaction:  One of the unique features of Social Media Marketing is one to one interaction between the company and its customers. This increases customer satisfaction and in turn, increases the chance of getting a larger group of loyal customers.

•    Gaining Knowledge about the audience: Social Media Marketing is an excellent way of knowing about the demands and requirements of the audience and then working accordingly to provide customer 100% satisfaction.

•   Becoming a Leader in the field of Marketing:  The competition is tough, and with the help of SMM you can set your footprints in the sands of time.


Janie Marks

Perfectly Imperfect

Taking advantage of the social media influencers for marketing activities is a common practice that is used to build relationships with those people having the ability to build relationships with your targeted customers and you. The influencer's audience can be both small and big, and all that is important here is that the influencer needs to be capable of reaching out to consumers using the platform of their blogs and social networks, which is difficult for your brand to do. You can call it an excellent hybrid of both old as well as new tools for marketing. The social media influencer marketing campaigns can be defined as a strong collaboration between any brand and the influencers. 

Celebrity endorsements can be a good example of an original format of influencer marketing. You can find the celebrities' huge presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more are there on the list. The key elements which you will see in social media influencer marketing include:

•  Identity
•  Vet
•  Relate
•  Measure
•  Repeat

In other words, we can say that A Social Media Influencer is a person or the user of the social media platform who managed to create established credibility in the industry of social media marketing. His/her job will be to express the opinions he/she is having about specific brands or some products to create influence or impact on the captive audience. Influencers can impact product sales by reviewing the product and sharing the same across various social media platforms. If you are into business and want your product to be marketed by experts, then taking the influencer's help will be beneficial for you.


Linda John

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In short, we can say that Social media marketing describes the process that uses platforms of social media and websites for promoting a product or the services of a company. Social media marketing is basically a very broad and complicated term. It is a typical technique used for the building of a business taking advantage of the support of different social media networks. For example, videos, as well as blogs, highlights the company to make it visible online. The concept of social media marketing revolves around the following points:

•    Establishment of a social media existence across major platforms

•    Creation of impactful contents which are shareable and ideal for advertorials purposes

•    Accumulating customer feedback via the launch of the online campaign in the form of surveys and attractive contests

The industry of social media marketing developed real faster than the world of the internet. Here again, we would like to add that Social media marketing acts as one of the key processes used for attracting traffic or grabbing attention via different social media sites.

There are professional experts having experience and knowledge of social media marketing techniques. Different businesses have different needs, so there is a need to have a different marketing approach. Experts in this subject take care of this and ensure the target is achieved, and the business gets highlighted well through social media sites or platforms. There are some specific reasons which make it important to go for social media marketing for your business.

•    Improvement awareness of the brand

•    It’s a cost-effective way of marketing the business to reach the potential customers

•    Easy way to remain engaged and entertains the actual customers or prospective customers of the business

•    Helps in improving brand loyalty

•    The easiest way to offer customer satisfaction

•    Establish brand authority


Ram Pandit

Your Growth Is My Passion

Social media marketing can help raise your audience and convert interested people into potential customers in a meaningful way. Relevant content designed for your audience is key to increasing the presence of your brand within digital media.

It is vital to understand the functioning of social networks and the response of your audience in each of them, analyzing, evaluating and executing the content, that is why we share some reasons why marketing is important on your social networks.


1. Brand building

As a brand, we must be able to attract and satisfy our audience in a predictable and consistent way, to generate empathy with our consumers . One of the best ways to do this is by offering content that enriches them both intellectually and emotionally to build a strong and positive brand in the minds of our audience.

2. Web traffic

We are talking about the number of visitors who access our website and add value to our digital portal. Using a good social media strategy is an excellent way to attract visitors to our site from well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more.

3. SEO

More traffic to our site means a better reputation when search engines decide to do the job of positioning . Likewise, the activity of our social profiles adds value to our brand in the digital world. A site with higher external references has a better page rank for search engines.

4. Return on investment (ROI)

Social networks are powerful tools and marketing on them represents a much lower cost compared to other digital and traditional media. In addition to being cheaper, the segmentation it offers is specific and accurate, which allows us to reach our target market more quickly, making our brand more relevant and the purchase intention greater.

Simply put, social media marketing is key to growing your brand today. If your brand does not yet have web positioning strategies, now is the time to start.


James Shover

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I'm so much glad to read this thread buddy. Because I got some useful tips for social media marketing. I hope these tips can be helpful for me as well. 

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