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What is product strategy in marketing?


Arden Yook

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Product strategy is the main component of the complete marketing strategy. The product helps in guiding the entire business process which helps in achieving overall marketing success.

The decision makers carefully examine the product attributes, competitors and the industry. After which, the information can be used for developing the product strategy which can help in achieving the short term and long term sale goals.

The company’s marketing team writes the product strategy and later the CEO approves it.

The composition of Product Strategy

On a precise note, the product strategy is composed of the different sequential process which can help in achieving a good marketing strategy.

Here, the company must have an idea on how to make a plan and implement the recommended activities to reach the destination.

The product strategy is made up of some essential components which can provide a more strategic answer in the entire development process of the product.

Now that you have known what product strategy is, let’s look at its importance in marketing:

Importance of Product Strategy

  • Product strategy helps in determining the exact steps which are required to make a product and make the entire marketing process a success.

  • It helps in preparing the company towards changing the behavior of marketing and gives different ways to cope with them.

  • It helps to know the target market and levy different measures which can attract potential customers.

  • Finally, a product vision is developed which helps in guiding the whole marketing process on the right path.

Vision in Product Strategy

The vision of product strategy includes detailing different marketing opportunities, competitive analysis, and the essential Go-Market Plan.

It helps in describing the potential customers, their need and how you must plan for delivering product based on their needs.

Goals setting in Product Strategy

Goals are time-bound and measurable objectives which define the success of any organization. They help in setting the objectives you can attain within the next few months and years.

Some examples of goal setting are as follows:

  • Increase the overall revenue by 40%

  • Expand into seven new countries

  • Enhance the mobile adaptation process

  • Reduce the support ticket number by 20%

Initiative in Product Strategy

Normally, initiatives are higher level efforts which need to be implemented for achieving the goals.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Improvement in performance

  • UI Improvements

  • Reporting in a better way

  • Expand into tough countries

In overall, a great product strategy in marketing starts with a concise product plan, vision, canvas and shapes the entire product direction.

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