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What is political science all about?


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Political science is a part of social science that contains relative information about the system of governance, political activities, political thoughts, and behavior. Political Science focuses mainly on the theories and the government’s political practices at all levels, i.e., at local, state, national as well as at the international standards.

Political Science comprises mainly of the following sub-categories.

  • Political Theory:  Political theory (or political philosophy) comprises all the information regarding the concepts and principles of politics at all levels of jurisdiction. It involves the study of various aspects of politics like liberty, justice, property rights, law, as well as the laws enforced by the concerned authority. It highlights human nature and the political association’s moral purposes.

  • Comparative Politics: Comparative Politics deals with the study of domestic politics, political institutions as well the conflicts between countries. It focuses mainly on an empirical way of approach which is based upon comparative methods. Comparative politics is used by the authorities to compare order, equality, freedom, as well as the economic security among various nations. 

  • International Relations: This field of political science highlights the interactions of actors in international politics, which includes both states as well as non-state actors like the United Nations (UN), World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Amnesty International, etc. It deals with questions related to human behavior and factors affecting world peace and finds the necessary ways to maintain world peace.

  • Political Methodology: Political Methodology highlights the philosophical base of politics which includes political science, social science, designing and analysis based on empirical research, and the research experience gained through practical knowledge.

Now, what is the importance of Political Science?

Political science has several practical applications, some of which are discussed below:

  • It imparts knowledge to the people about the distribution of political power among the different jurisdiction levels.

  • People will get information about how the different government authorities function.

  • People will get knowledge about the representatives of political power such as politicians, international organizations, authorities, etc.

  • It imparts knowledge of the state to its citizens.

  • It imparts democratic values among the people.

  • It educates the people about the interaction of their nation with foreign countries.

With the advancement in economic globalization, political science is gaining popularity. With proper knowledge in political science, a better sense of understanding will be instilled in the minds of the citizens.

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