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What is organizational culture and why should we care?


Daryl Christ

Socially selective!

A business success solely depends on specific behaviors, values, ethics and morals which helps in the contribution of psychological as well as social development. These set of practices and values are followed within the organization for proper growth- known as organizational behavior. When it comes to corporate culture, it relates to all those activities like interaction among the people, building strategies, employee management, respect towards cultures, languages, etc. 

Why is organizational culture so important?

i. An organization consists of a large number of employees who come from various backgrounds, cultures, and religions. It is the role of the organizational culture to create a perception of equality and respect towards irrespective of their caste, creed and follow a single national religion. 

ii. Business missions and visions are the primary factors which strengthen the roles and responsibilities of the workers in the organization. For this, people need to interact and communicate to share their ideas. Without communication, the growth of the organization is not possible. Organizational culture defines a set of behaviors for the way of how those interactions are made healthy and professional. 

iii. A business gets success when certain factors like its history, technology, product, strategies and at the same time how these are managed. Management refers to the way how employees interact with clients and stakeholders. All these are guided by organizational culture.

iv.  A company may vary in cultural aspects. But whatever it is, it should be organized in a way which is supportive and responsible for the companies development. Providing employees with benefits, grievance handling mechanism, assisting during sickness, understanding their life problems, etc., all are within a healthy organizational culture. 

 Organizational culture is unique and it's difficult to change. An ongoing organizational culture is a habit and employees may resist undergoing for a change. Changing a corporate culture needs a lot of interactions, understanding, and motivations. As corporate is meant for the proper success and satisfaction of the company. it's about shared the belief, attitude, customs etc. of the organization they work.

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