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What is online public relation?


Daanish Johal

Old ways wont open new doors

Online Public relations is the best way to customize and improve the outcome of many digital marketing strategies, networking, social media, viral marketing, SEO link building and word of mouth marketing. The reason for which online PR is regarded as the best way of sales growth is for its cost-effective and extremely great technique for connectivity and communication. People can easily get connected to all his clients and partners through online PR with only a limited amount of hard work. Through Online Public Relations business organizations can deliver easy, brief but detailed information about his products digitally and get feedback from his customers too. One of these is associated with its platforms.

The difference between online public relations from the traditional one lies in the following points:

1. Online PR uses the fastest and advanced internet technology-based platforms like social media, digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc. whereas the traditional PR takes a long time to reach people as it uses the mediums like printed media, newspapers, television, radio broadcasting, etc.

2. One advantage of the online PR is that business organizations and the clients or audience are in direct and close communication all the time as per their wish. In traditional PR, though the business organizations are using various mediums to reach the audience, many times, the audiences cannot send their views or feedbacks to the organizations easily. 

3. There is a tendency of having a multi-directional flow of communication through online PR which is not possible in the traditional one.

When it comes to influencing people, then online PR is also equally and in fact, more effective means to business growth. Online PR shares its contents or product details through various websites in the form of blogs, vlogs, etc. and further gains its traffic by sharing them on social media networking platforms. It is just like the using of magazines, newspapers or ads like the traditional PR. People have easy access to social media and internets nowadays for which it becomes easy to reach them through online PR. 

Online PR can have both direct or indirect outreach as people approaches through different means. When some people prefer to search for information through search engines, others follow online blogs or contents of the editorials. There are certain things required to be followed for online PR like Web designing, creative writing, SEO techniques, online sales marketing, community management, customer relations, etc.

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