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What is motivational enhancement therapy?


Tabeed Vyas

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With the rise of various social issues and problems, people have become victims of many certain unwanted situations which hampers their normal flow of life. Among such issues, addiction to multiple substances like drugs, alcohol, etc. is one of them. It has found that in recent times, around 60% of the population of the whole world is suffering from addiction among which more than 40% are addicted to alcohol and the rest 20% to various kinds of drugs like marijuana, brown sugar, N10, etc. While someone is addicted to such substances, it is challenging to deal with them to make them stop from having such things. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is one of the therapies which has been proven to be helpful in such cases. 

Motivational Enhancement Therapy deals with some psychological and scientific interventions and techniques which helps a problem drinker to realize their state of life and to enhance in the change of the ongoing lifestyle into a regular and healthy flow of life like before. This is a very scientific and slow therapy where the results are seen gradually rather than being rapid and fast. After all, it is not that much easy to make a problem drinker leave his addiction. The Motivational Enhancement Therapy follows certain principles step by step where the internal motivation of the victims is nurtured for recovery. Here, the motivator does not give advice or suggestion to make his client change. Instead, they are guided in such a way that the victims can find the strategies by their own to cope up with the present situation of life.

The whole therapy is conducted through guided and step by step session. When an addicted victim first comes to the psychologist, he is not ready to accept that he is an addict and denies to change his lifestyle. Now, the motivator starts to follow the guidelines through severe sessions where the victim finally accept his condition and gets ready to change his mind and life. After that, the victim with the actions guided by the motivator to stop to his addiction. There may be a phase when he can relapse again. Here lies the role of the motivator to repeat another cycle of sessions for further therapeutic measures.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy assists a person to move on in their life by developing the optimism of the client by empathizing his state of mind and make him achieve his goal to leave with his addiction. 

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