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What is metrology in engineering?


Usman Banda

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The name of metrology is derived from two Greek words Metron and Logos and it means the study of measurement. In the study of metrology engineering, a student learns both the experimental as well as the theories related to the measurement and determination of the qualms related to it. In engineering, the study of measurement is an essential aspect and it is also important in manufacturing. Being an important factor of science and technology the study of measurement is essential. Being an engineering student you will learn metrology to enforce, validate and verify the predefined values in order to get accuracy, dependability, and exactness in the results. These standards are essential to get a precise measurement. These standards can vary however it is essential for tasks related to government and agencies.

As we know that metrology is the science related to the measurement and you can also say it is a scientific study of measurement. We include various calibrations of instruments and programming of the Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and we also use different methods and inspection machines of measurements to get the precise results. Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) symbolic language is also used to get the accurate state tolerances to get the results.

To get the best results, a Quality Control Inspector will use the method of metrology and the equipment so that the accurate results are obtained. In engineering, it is important to get accurate data and with the help of metrology. Using the specifications is essential in manufacturing and it can be done with the help of measurements. If you do not follow the measurements, you will not get the précised results in terms of finishing of the products. Advance manufacturing required metrology as it helps in maintaining the quality standards. It also helps in meeting the various challenges. The human eye can make mistakes but when the measurement is done through various processes, you can get the best results multiple times. For precision in engineering, the best way is to practice metrology. It can get you high-quality results in engineering.

After completion of studies in metrology engineering, the student can work as a metrologist. He/she will be responsible for applying the scientific principles for explaining, understanding, observing, and forecasting the atmospheric phenomena and how that can affects the planet earth and life of people living on earth.

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