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What is mechatronics engineering?

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Zara Pandya

Be scared and do it anyway

Mechatronic Engineering can be defined as the subject that is formed by the combination of the basics of Mechanical, Electrical as well as Computer Science. This combination of 3 subjects is done for the development of autonomous systems. This subject also includes electronics engineering, telecommunications, control engineering, and system engineering.  A Mechatronic Engineer will be responsible for the designing of smart machines and advanced systems which are aware of their environment, and can easily process information for making decisions.

The subject educates engineers about designing, constructing and running factory production lines with automated processes.  

What is the role of Mechatronic Engineering towards advanced manufacturing? 

•    It saves time: A well-integrated line of production serves faster operation when compared with a system having different engineering concepts separate from one other. It actually saves a huge amount of time when manufactured products are imaged, measured, sorted, and then recorded when it moves in a belt in place of doing it in various stages and locations.

•    Improvement in numerical output: A fast servicing system stands for a good improvement in the production capacity. Mechatronics turned the system easy for manufacturing a huge volume of products.

•    Budget-friendly: When there is an automated production line on work, it clearly means that you actually used low manpower. This actually means a good amount of savings with respect to labor costs. Aside to that, an automated system proved to be more efficient towards operation, causing negligible technical as well as input errors.

Mechatronics engineers play a very responsible role in creating and improving automated processes. Let’s take an example here. The mechatronics engineers will review the assembly line and found that the ongoing welding processes happening on the line of assembly are completely inefficient.

 The engineers will make use of cost-analysis for highlighting an estimated figure which one could gain by making improvements in the system. If in case superiors are approving their project, the mechatronics engineers will use computer-monitored design software for developing as well as for testing the potential solutions, for examples better machines or welding equipment. 

After the new system gets tested and planned upon, the engineers will help in implementing the machinery and make controls.

Application of mechatronics engineering:

•    Production line automation

•    Measuring devices

•    Control systems

The prospects of the students of this subject are huge and good packages are offered even to the fresher candidates.


J Aatish Rao

Mechanical Engineering professional

Mechatronics engineering is an integrated, relatively new, professional course. It  is the branch of science which includes the study of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications, system engineering and control engineering.

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