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What is mechatronics and what is its scope?


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Engineering is one of the most popular careers to choose from which in turn opens a portal to endless opportunities and rewarding career. Electronics, mechanics, electricals, computer science, etc. are some of the fields of engineering.

But what about the combination of such fields?

Mechatronics is one such field of engineering which is primarily the combination of electronics and mechanical engineering. Mechatronics also combines various other fields like electrical, computer science, telecommunication, and control. Mechatronics focuses on implementing the knowledge earned from the various engineering fields to develop and manufacture various tools and equipment that play an essential role in automation.

What does a Mechatronics Engineer do?

  • The primary focus of a mechatronics engineer is the designing and manufacturing of various robots and advanced automated machines for the automation of the industries, develop micro-controllers and various logic controllers, pneumatic as well as electric drives, as well as the designing of various other machine parts.

  • They test various equipment and make them ready for both industrial as well as personal use.

  • Identify and eliminate any possible errors from a machine to ensure its longevity.

  • Provide solutions to various industrial problems with the help of their knowledge and use of advanced machines.

  • Perform risky explorations like deep sea exploration, deep mines explorations, exploring the vents of a volcano, with the help of advanced robots.

Mechatronics engineers are in high demand, and the career is also very rewarding.

Where do the mechatronic engineers generally work?

The mechatronics engineer can work in different sectors of the industries like 

  • Robotics

  • Medical sectors

  • Aerospace industries

  • Defense sectors

  • Mining industries 

  • Heavy Engineering

  • Computer Aided designing industries

  • Development of power Devices

  • Oil and gas industries

  • Manufacturing industries

They perform advanced research work on areas like nanotechnology, designing, and development of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, advanced developments in bioengineering, etc.

The scope of Mechatronics Engineers

Although at present, the demand for mechatronics engineers in India is less than that of mechanical engineers, the demand will increase eventually in the near future by more than 5%.

However, if you pursue your career as a Mechatronics engineer outside India, it becomes more rewarding. The demand for Mechatronics Engineer is high in countries like USA, UK, Germany, Russia. The mechatronics engineers can enjoy a median salary of around $88,800 annually. 

In India, the mechatronics engineer (after a few years of experience) can enjoy an annual salary of more than eight lakhs.

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