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What is local business marketing?


Tanuja Chaudhuri

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Local Business Marketing is a strategy that can help you get more local clients for your business. It specifically targets a particular community or a particular set of audience with similar interests. Local marketing has multiple benefits which can get you more targeted customers to your business. This type of marketing focuses on the local population and directs to them only, rather than the whole set of mass medium.

Local business marketing also referred to the neighborhood marketing or location-based marketing that takes place in various forms.  Some of the local businesses directly contact the customers through the mail whereas some conduct events, do local sponsorships, or go for advertising in the local paper.

Benefits of Local Business Marketing:

  • Local marketing can help you build credibility for your brand in a specific area.
  • It can help small businesses to promote their services within that particular location.
  • Digital media and the presence of platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help in reaching wider audiences. Local marketing done through digital platform will help you in building a relationship with the customers and will also help you drive your sales.
  • Local business digital marketing can help and enhance your brand’s online visibility.
  • It can help you develop a positive reputation within your demographics.
  • When it’s done effectively, it can actually drive your sales and can get you more loyal customers.

Who can benefit from Local Business Marketing?

Both smaller and bigger brands can benefit from this type of marketing. For example, it will help the small businesses to create their brand name in their geographical area whereas it can help bigger brands to reach more audiences. It is not necessary that bigger brands are known to the variety of population across the country. Therefore, going local for marketing is the best approach to reach a wider number of audiences. Taking a local approach will help you in building connections with the specific local communities. It will help you reach the customers in a more targeted way and will help you grow your business across the country.

No matter where your business operates, customers can be from the varied location. It is important to have a local presence to increase your own reach and communize for your brand.

Marketing Tactics

It might get difficult to do local business marketing, especially when you are just starting you. Here are some of the marketing tactics we suggest. These are easy as well as affordable.

  1. Use e-mail marketing and customize direct mails featuring coupons, promotions, or details about upcoming sales.
  2. Participate in community fairs.
  3. Sponsor in a local club or any event.
  4. Increase your social media presence.
  5. Post targeted ads online.
  6. Use social media groups.
  7. Collaborate with local influencers.

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