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What is irrigation engineering?


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Irrigation engineering is a kind of civil engineering which includes the study of controlling and harnessing the various natural sources of water. It studies the irrigation and agriculture in-depth. Flooding is the basis of agriculture and the only way by which water is supplied to the crops. Irrigation engineering is a field of engineering which would discuss the uses of irrigation in crop production and how new principles and technologies can be used and applied for irrigational practices. It is essential to study irrigation engineering as it helps in determining future irrigation expectations and impacts of irrigation in the agriculture field.

There are different types of irrigation techniques, and Irrigation engineering includes the study of the design of different irrigation systems and analyzes the efficiency of each of the system and list their advantages and disadvantages.

People studying irrigation engineering will also consider the different cases to understand when irrigation is necessary and when it is most important.

Irrigation Engineering is very important for designing and planning of cost-effective and efficient irrigation systems. There are various benefits as well as risks of the irrigation system. For example, it increases the groundwater level and aid to the cultivation and also protects a country from a famine situation. However, there are some ill-effects too of irrigation such as it creates a breeding place for the mosquitoes. Also, valuable land may be submerged because of the construction of dams, and barrages. The benefits are quite more than the ill-effects of the irrigation system.

Irrigation projects are somewhat complicated and expensive. Therefore, a trained professional is required to understand and design the plan which is why there is a need for an irrigation engineer who can handle and manage all these tasks. The primary responsibility of an irrigation engineer is not only related to the application of the water. Instead, it deals with various other aspects.

  • It deals with the designing and planning of the irrigation systems.
  • It deals with the problems that may arise in the watershed or the agricultural fields.
  • The study of irrigation engineering deals with the rivers and the hydrology.
  • It is the study of water, soil, and crop relationship.
  • It deals with the designs and structure of dams, canals, other hydraulic and irrigation structures.

The scope of Irrigation Engineering

  • Planning and Designing.
  • Construction.
  • Management of Irrigation Systems.
  • Operations.
  • Lead irrigation projects.
  • Provide better facilities and methods for irrigation.

The main job of the irrigation engineer is to find the efficient and cost-effective ways of an irrigation system which costs less and yield better results.

To be an irrigation engineer, you should have a basic understanding of basic science and engineering, physics, plants, soil, water and their relationship, hydrology, and hydraulics.

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