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What is interpersonal communication?


Ehsaan Ali

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It is not required to say how important communication is in our day to day life ,starting from the home to the office or social gatherings or anywhere in the world. The interface is a vast subject matter, and the essential mode of communication which prevails in the life of people is Interpersonal communication. Through interpersonal communication, people can exchange the thoughts, ideas, information, feelings, etc. while they are face to face and that mode of communication may be verbal or entirely non-verbal. Interpersonal communication is important to meet the personal or relationship goals as well as professional goals.

Things to ensure in interpersonal communication:

 1. Interpersonal communication is performed when two or more persons are face to face. Thus, a lot of factors are considered during this communication like body language, gestures, postures, facial expressions, the tone of voice, etc. All these factors are highly responsible for making your communication healthy or negative. You need to learn to use these factors very effectively while communicating with the person in front of you.

 2. Interpersonal communication is not only related to speaking, but also listening and observing as well. As you are talking to the opposite person, give that person a space to speak. After all, interpersonal communication is two-way communication. Practice the skill of listening and observing as well. These may help you in advancing your abilities to read the mind of the other person and deliver your speech.

3. A smile is an excellent factor while you are communicating with someone face to face. But it should be utilized in a very definite way. Don’t make a fool of yourself by expressing a smile in unnecessary situations. 

Types of interpersonal communication:

There are six types of interpersonal communication which are conducted face to face. 

1. Dyadic Communication- The interpersonal communication which occurs between two persons, face to face for exchanging ideas, feelings, views or thoughts is a dyadic communication. 

2. Small Group Communication- When there is communication among a small group of people for one similar purpose to share the ideas or deliver some thoughts, it is small group communication.

3. Public Communication- When a large group of people gather together and engage themselves for hearing and providing a message from an ordinary person on particular issues or topics it is a   communication.

4. Mass Communication- Here the interaction occurs through mass media like television, news channels, etc.

5. Organizational Communication- When communication occurs between the employees and the leaders of an organization to share a common goal.

6. Intercultural Communication- A mode of communication across different cultures and social groups.

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