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What is influencer marketing?


Daanish Johal

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Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which a brand connects with an influencer in order to promote their products and services. In this type of marketing, the influential people or the influencers market the brand. It uses the influencers or the content creators to drive engagement for their brand. 

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is an individual or a popular person whose words can create an impact and are capable of influencing the consumer’s purchase decision. Influencers have the power of persuading its audiences because of its wide and effective reach. Influencers include people such as celebrities or bloggers. It works mainly on social media wherein asocial media influencer has access to a larger number of audiences.  

How does Influencer Marketing work?

Let us consider an example. A brand ‘A’ connects with an influencer ‘B’ to promote their services. B, who is an influencer, can be of two types. Either he/she will give his honest review for the product or he/ she will act as a brand ambassador for them and promote their product throughout. Influencer Marketing works mainly on social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter. So, B will promote and share that product’s pros and cons with his/her audiences. 

How is Influencer Marketing different than other forms of Marketing?

Now, let’s come to the point on how is it unique.

Positive Image of the Brand:
The first and foremost important difference is that it can help in creating a positive image of the brand. Influencers are highly respected people with a good amount of people following them. The customer or the consumer is easily influenced by them and their words. For example: If a famous beauty blogger loves or recommends a particular product for skin care, the active audiences will definitely check it out.

Increases Product Sales: 
In most of the cases, people do try the products which are recommended by that particular blogger. Because a blogger or an influencer is a specialist in his/her field, a lot of people look up to their words and their recommendations. Their recommendations are considered to be more trustworthy in comparison to other forms of marketing and advertising. Therefore, it also helps in increasing the product’s sales.

Brand Awareness:
It can also help in creating brand awareness. There are endless brands available in the market. If a brand engages with an influencer, it can help them build and improve their brand awareness.

An influencer marketing can help a brand in reaching a larger number of audiences than a simple advertisement on TV can. However, the reach varies from the social media followers of the influencer.   

Instead of direct marketing to a large group of people, influencer marketing involves the use of an influencer who promotes the brand to their target audiences. For a successful influencer campaign, focus on your goals and choose the right influencers that can help you in reaching the wider audiences.

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