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What is industrial design?


Zara Pandya

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Industrial design plays an essential role in the growth and development of the business. It is one of the best marketing strategies which helps in not only business development but also an influential media of public relations. If you look correctly at any product of a company, you can find that each of these products has a unique design in its logo, container, and even the product itself. These designs are created as a symbol of identification for the company itself and are commonly known as industrial design. Industrial designs are professionally practiced and done by trained and skilled experts known as industrial designers. The designed products are highly used by billions of people in the world every day.

Need for industrial design:

- To create, innovate and design unique appearances of the products which make it attractive on the perspective of its outlook and identity.

- To focus on the functioning of the product along with the impressions.

- To take care of the manufacturing and expiry date of the product and preparing a space to note the correct information on the product design.

- To produce an estimate of the specific budget of the product so that the value price remain according to the demand of the product.

- To monitor whether any kind of change or revision is necessary regarding the design of the product so that the growth of marketing increases to a great extent.

How do industrial designers work?

The industrial designers focus on two broad aspects: One is the ornamental aspect which deals with the look, design, creativity of the product and its packaging system. This may be two dimensional like observing on the patterns, color, and lines or three dimensional like seeing on the shape and size of the product.

The other aspect which the industrial designers focus on is the aesthetic aspect. Here aesthetic point means, the industrial designers are highly oriented with the improvement of the products regarding their value and functions. 

Industrial designers are not dealing with complicated tasks like mechanical or electrical constructions, etc. Their work is just below the work of the engineers, and they are on the target of promoting the final output in the most valuable and attractive way. 

These professionals are highly trained with Bachelor’s or diploma education where they learn a lot to read about human minds and customer’s need. Besides, the research on the designs and functions of various other similar products of different companies and try to produce the best output from their own. In the field of public relations industrial designing plays a very active role in creating bonding between the customers and the company.

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