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Jasmin Khan

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There are numerous things to study in this world for which the varied sources of knowledge are being combined with different subject streams with some sub-subjects and curriculum. Humanities is such a vast stream of a knowledge-based subject which mainly deals with the studies of human science, culture, philosophy, literature, history, social science and so on. It not only deals with a lot of general knowledge but also practical knowledge about the whole world. The most exciting part of studying humanities is that the subject is not confined to a particular object or topic like it is in the case of studying Engineering or Medical Science. Humanities give you an opportunity to feel and have a vast and different knowledge about the world starting from the past to the future. 

 Humanities develop the ideological spirit of a person, thereby making him educated, knowledgable, a progressive thinker and social. Besides, you can have a lot of opportunities open for you in the future while you are seeking for a job instead of just having a particular path as your career option. If you are passionate about writing or have a talent in public speaking, then humanities are the best option for you to study. Even if you have any other skills like reading, singing, dancing, performing dramas, art, craft, etc., then also you can go for humanities.

 It has been already said that Humanities is the study of human science, culture, and conditions. Thus it is not a subject which can be dealt with certain quantitative terms like measurements, size, definitions, etc. Humanities is primarily a qualitative, critical, analytical, speculative and empirical approach to human and his relationship to nature. It deals with the study of different cultures both at present and in the past. Human minds, his beliefs, principles, languages, etc. all are related to humanities. Literature which deals with the exceptional beauty and excellence of writing is also a core subject matter of humanities. It is an investigation of basic human sentiments, opinions, activities, and aspirations.

Some core subjects under Humanities are Interdisciplinary art, Anthropology, Human health, Psychology, Gerontology, Art history, Sociology, Philosophy, politics, and social theory, Culture, and civilization, Myths, and mythologies, Women's studies, Theatre and film, Gender studies, etc. 

People who are pursuing their studies in Humanities can easily opt the career like actor, musicians, writer, social worker, teacher, career advisor, Children's Rights Activist, diplomat, Historian, Librarian, Journalist, Event  Planner, etc.

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