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What is good parenting?


Meghana Chauhan

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Parenting is an essential skill for ultimate child development. If you wish that your kid grows up with proper discipline and good manners, having good social and mental training, then it highly depends on the type of parenting you render to your child. The kind of parenting which provides a child with consistency, routine, discipline, self-control and skills to develop healthy relationships is called good parenting. 

Children are always dependent on their elders, but with the increase of their age parents need to make them independent and develop their mind setups in such a way that they can be able to take their life decisions correctly by themselves. Thus, one of the aims of good parenting is redundancy.  

Good parenting always looks after the particular age of the child and their development and tries to set the match between their generation and disciplines, expectations and resilience. A child who is the outcome of good parenting can develop ideal social relationships. As a result, the child can cultivate their natural creative and innovative skills as well. 

Here are some tips which determine good parenting:

i. Ideal good parenting will not focus on immediate punishments or praise or obedience. Instead, it is a skill that focuses on consequences, encouragement, and cooperation. 

ii. Rendering love and care with proper support is the essential skill of good parenting. This helps their kids to develop bonding with the family, involved in the household activities and make them learn how to help others instead of becoming a taker. 

iii. Parents make their children understand that they are in the safe and comfort zone. If a child makes a mistake and feels free to share or reveal those in front of their parents you may get sure that you are following good parenting. On the other hand, being a good parent means in such situations, you should not scold or yell at the child, rather sit with them, make them understand the pros and cons of their activities and let them make decisions about the right path. 

iv. Good parenting style is also known as authoritarian parenting which is guided by both nurture and firmness. Kids of such parents perform well in their academics and extracurricular activities. 

v. Communication and integration is another skill of good parenting. With the growing age of the child, parents need to be more sensitive and communicate more with them to make them know about the outer world and reduce stress from their children.

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