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What is global health policy?


Vaishali P

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Health is wealth-the authenticity of this proverb is indisputable.

It is only health that saves wealth and even creates it.

To fortify my opinion with reasons, I would want you to reflect on the components that comprise your total family expenditure; see if your thoughts harmonize with mine: you are bound to spend a hefty sum each month behind health maintenance for every member in your nest, right? And lack of good health is the main stumbling block in our daily life because we all have much to do round the clock.

Don’t’ you feel that in the world where improvements from the current situation are the prime motto in every corner, ensuring improvements in the methods of diagnosis, cure, and prevention of diseases is equally significant?

This can be accomplished by health policy.

Now, what is a Health policy?

A policy that combines plans, decisions, and their executions, for the effectuation of certain health care objectives within a community, is referred to as a health policy.

But thinking of health upliftment on a personal level won't help. The world economy is turning progressively compendious, and thus, elimination of health issues should also be planned on a global basis.

Global Health Policy

The global health policy(GHP) is the field involved in taking a resolution that uses political assistance to attain indiscriminate health revival worldwide.

GHP serves as a platform for research, study, and practice for the goal.

GHP primarily focuses on foreign health, surveillance of different types of diseases like acute diseases, non-communicable diseases globally, strengthening the health care systems and to provide necessary human resources for proper health and aging.

Global health also helps in the enlightenment of health care in a wider context. Both medical and non-medical aspects are considered by global health enterprises such as pandemics, environmental factors, etc.

Objectives of GHP

Every health care systems, including the GHP, concentrate on three main targets:

  • To aggrandize the quality of healthcare accessible.

  • To pare down the aggregate national expenditure on healthcare.

  • To procure even-handed distribution of the perks of quality health care facilities and the burden of expenses related to health care to boot.


Obviously, we can’t sit pondering on our health issues when we know that every other day a new disease emerges at any unsuspecting corner of the world that may be too remote from our community but can ultimately end up in our locality with gradual spreading.

Hence, it is important to encourage complete elimination of every disease that is discovered, and that is the reason one and all should focus on Global Health Policies.

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