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What is fluid mechanics?

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J Aatish Rao

Mechanical Engineering professional

Fluid mechanics spans many fields of science and engineering and plays an integral role in many broader societal issues including energy, health, and the environment.

Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluids at rest (fluid statics) and in motion (fluid dynamics).


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Fluid Mechanics is the study of liquids, gases, blood, and plasmas. A fluid is characterized as a substance that continually distorts (streams) under an applied shear pressure paying little heed to the size of the applied force. While a strong can oppose an applied power by static distortion. 

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Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluids at rest (fluid statics) and in motion (fluid dynamics). A fluid is defined as a substance that continually deforms (flows) under an applied shear stress regardless of the magnitude of the applied stress. Whereas a solid can resist an applied force by static deformation.

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