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What is digital privacy?


Padama Mukesh

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Today everyone's life has become connected. It is the generation of the internet. The Internet is a global network through which data or any information can be transferred from one place to another quickly and without any difficulty. Everything has become digital. From shopping, talking with friends or family members on different social media platforms, watching movies online, etc., everything has become digital.  

Digital privacy refers to the protection of someone’s data or information that he/she has saved or created while accessing the internet. Privacy is essential in everyone’s life, and no one wants to share his/her personal information or confidential information with any stranger. Digital privacy usually deals in individual’s confidentiality, information privacy, and communication privacy. Every person has his/her comfort level when it comes to digital privacy. On the one hand, someone may be comfortable with sharing his/her personal information with others or strangers. On the other hand, a person may not be suitable for sharing his/her details.

How to Protect Digital Privacy:

The following are the ways of protecting digital privacy:

  • Be careful before sharing – Usually, people don’t bother to take care of the stuff that they share on social media. One should share his/her information with only those people with whom one wants to share, or one knows as every person may not be innocent.

  • Use password protection – A person usually doesn’t care to put a password on his/her device, and that should be avoided. Whether it is a personal computer, smart-phone, tablets or any digital device, a password must be used because in case of theft your data can be accessed and may be misused by anyone.

  • Having a virus-free device – If any virus is on the device, then the data or information can be hacked by anyone easily. One will not be able to know when his/her device will be hacked and all data will be leaked.

  • Using a secure browser- Browser helps a person to interact with the internet. Using a third party browser which is not protected will harm someone’s privacy as it traces every activity of a person. Moreover, different sites use cookies through which they keep a watch on what a person is accessing on the internet. A person can even use internet by switching to a private mode which deletes cookies and history after one closes the window.

Hence, digital privacy is essential as it is something on which one needs to pay special attention. As everything is getting digital, privacy issues will also increase day by day. It is in the hands of a person to take care of his/her digital privacy.

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