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What is criminology and criminal justice?


Kishore Sagar

You always have a choice

You have made up your mind to enter the field of law. You are mesmerized by the power of law officers, and you immediately do your research and are overwhelmed to see the number of opportunities you can avail in the said field. Now you come across two of the most appealing terms such as criminal justice and criminology. Before you make your choice, first, you need to know the meaning of the two or what it is all about.


By the term criminology, we mean a subset of social science that focuses on crime study. People taking this particular course are known as criminologists. They are known to study, research, advice, and analyze every aspect of human behavior. In other words, they study the causes that led an individual to commit the crime and the consequences of the crimes committed.

Criminology helps us understand why, how, when, and where crimes occur based on which they are known to suggest policies to the authorities to prevent them from happening. After the completion of the course, individuals can work in forensic psychology and criminal profiling.

Criminal Justice

Now that you know the meaning of criminology, you will find it easy to understand the meaning of criminal justice. To define it in simple terms, criminology is the implementation of criminology. It is known to define the societal response to the committed crime.

The criminal justice system consists of various components that help in investigating crimes, enforce laws, punish criminals, and rehabilitate the ones who are convicted.

One of the main reasons learners are attracted to the particular field is their wide scope of career. You can avail several jobs in this sector. Criminal justice is considered to be better than criminology, career-wise. 

Now that you know the legit difference between the two sectors, you will be able to decide better which one you are interested in. For someone who is more career-oriented will find criminal justice to be the more preferred option. 

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