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What is applied mathematics?


Prerna Das

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Applied mathematics can be defined as the application of methods based on the subject of mathematics by multiple fields like science,  business, engineering, computer science, and many more are there on the list. We can call it, a perfect combination of specialized knowledge with mathematical science. Applied mathematics also speaks about that particular professional specialty in which experts of mathematics work for resolving practical problems with the formulating and studying of mathematical models. In short, it is one of the principal branches of mathematics.
Scientific computation is one form of mathematical science that takes advantage of applied mathematics in using its methods. It needs the support of numerical analysis, high-performance computing science, and mathematical modeling. In the subject of computer science, algebra, combinatorics, as well as logic are important and widely needed.  It is also essential for management science as well as for operations research too.

Applied mathematics Fields in which you can expect excellent career opportunity;

1. Finance and Economics: 

Financial mathematics helps in the development of several quantitative techniques as well as computational models which are used massively in various sectors of the financial industry.

2. Systems Biology: 

Mapping, as well as an understanding of the human genome, depends mainly on the application of sophisticated computational and mathematical tools.

3. Software Engineer/Developer: 

The use of applied accurate knowledge can help in deciding the right code for a program to be designed.

4. Environmental scientist: 

These Professionals research on different populations and study their interactions.  The use of applied mathematics is made by them to model it in the form of systems having differential equations that can again be applied to model diseases in the human populations.

Apart from the above other prospective career choices for the students of applied mathematics include:

  • Emergency Disaster Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  •  Forensic Specialist
  • Food Scientist

 If you are the one who loves playing with numbers but still prefers to work on the techniques that mathematics used for the shaping of the world, then applied mathematics is for you. If you want to develop new ideas using mathematics, then study applied mathematics. If you're going to move steps ahead of the traditional thought process of mathematics and work out of the box to make advancement in human development, then applied mathematics is going to help you in a significant way. Many universities globally are offering courses on applied mathematics for preparing professionals for the industry.

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