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What is an online marketplace?


Nilima Maheshwar

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The concept of the marketplace has changed totally. Previously it was a concept involved with the physical gathering of a large number of people in a particular plot of land where the business of demand, supply, and exchange of goods or money was held. In other words, the business of a marketplace was conducted through two steps: Marketeers used to buy their products from the source businessman or farmers and further sold them to the people who demanded those products in the markets. But, this is the era of internet and technologies. With the advancement in every aspect of technologies, the concept and system of the marketplace have also changed a lot, and when we speak about the market, it is high time for the online market.

What is an online marketplace?

The Online marketplace is technically a web supportive or mobile friendly application system where all the buyers and sellers interact and connect among themselves through online. This is a platform for employment for a large number of people who are seeking for a job. There are lots of online marketplace apps which are ruling over the e-commerce business sectors of the world. The most popular among them are,, eBay, Bigbasket, Grofers, Craigslist, etc. 

The online marketplace has a service for 24 hours, and there is no specific time limit for shopping. As already mentioned before, it is also a great platform for employment. 

How does the system of online marketplace go on?

- There is a 24*7 hours customer care service who is monitoring over all the issues, order, demand, supplies, issues on behalf of the customers, connecting the orders for the customers to the respective shops, etc.

- There are employed professionals or delivery agents who are being informed of the orders, and they directly collect them from the shops and travel to the customer's house to make them receive their products.

- Orders from the customers are received through the respective apps which are directly connected to the customer care. These apps are highly mobile friendly and can also be connected from the web.

Online marketplace makes a more straightforward interface between the customers and the market. As in today’s busy life schedule, no one has the time to go to the market physically within the time limit and select products directly. Though there are certain small shortcomings in this system, yet, the benefits are covered to such an extent that you cannot deny the necessity of online marketplace in your life.

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