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What is academic probation?


Aastha Roy

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Academic probation or scholastic probation is an educational status or condition which can be imposed on students enrolled in a higher educational institution as a result of poor academic achievements. Academic probation is a warning that you have sunken into academic difficulties and that you need to buckle up and improve your grades if you want to reach a good standing status to avoid being disqualified from the university. 

How can poor academic achievements be defined?

It means that you must have failed to obtain enough passing grades or perhaps failed in passing enough of your courses with a C or an equivalent of it. 

How does the institution determine the academic standing?

The academic standing is determined based on the GPA you have obtained in your term along with the cumulative GPA in many institutions. Academic probation is generally given when the term GPA sinks below 2.0. But keep in mind that anything below a 1.5 in GPA term can get you disqualified. 

What to do after getting academic probation?

First, focus on making a significant improvement in your academic performance of next semester. Make sure you are familiar with the conditions highlighted in the academic standing letter which must have been sent to you. Make sure you take into stock the gravity of the situation and start on your assignments. 

What grades to get next quarter to get out of academic probation? 

You will be able to determine what you will have to pull your GPA up to by just using something called the GOA calculator which must be present in your student portal. This will tell you what grades you need to get. 

What will happen if the academic performance continues to decline?

If the GPA turns out to be poor the next semester or quarter again, but if the cumulative GPA remains above that of 2.0 then you will stay on probation, but if it falls below that of 1.5, then you can be disqualified from the institution. Make sure you find out what the minimum GPA you will have to obtain to stay in the institution because it can change accordingly. 

Apart from this, make sure to meet with the college advisors daily so that you get the resources and support which you will need during these inevitably stressful times. They will help in arranging your schedule and make sure you know which assignments to complete first to get out of the danger zone. 

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