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What is a smart home?

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A smart home is a well equipped modern home which is remotely controlled via a Smartphone or computer. In short, such homes offer comfort, security, and energy efficiency to the homeowner. It is also popular as home automation or domotics.  The demand for smart homes is now at the peak and people want to transform the existing home into a smart home. Use of advanced products is made to shape the smart home.

Some smart products for making your smart home;

  •  Remote controlled lights: These are helpful for you as these lights can be controlled from any part of your house. The residents can control the intensity and brightness of the lights. Moreover, the timings of the lights can also be set and accordingly these will operate themselves. 
  •  IP cameras: Placing IP camera is one of the most effective ways to make the home smart. By placing this camera it will be easier to keep an eye over the activities in your home or workplace. Even if you are out of the station, then also the surveillance can be saved for seven days. So, you will be able to get footage of the last seven days. 
  • Placing analytical dashboard: This is extremely helpful to check the real-time energy consumption. Once you fix this analytical dashboard, it will be easier for you to study the usage pattern relating to the consumption of energy. 
  •  Advanced thermostat: To maintain the proper heat and temperature within a room, it is necessary to place a thermostat with advanced features. To make a home smart, it is necessary to place a thermostat with Wi-Fi features so that these can be controlled with a Smartphone. 
  • Automated door locks: Earlier we used to look for places to keep the keys safe but now technological advancements opened up new avenues for us. Now you can have automated keyless access to the house which proved to be a blessing in disguise.

This is not the end of the list as there are many more products available in the market for turning your home even smarter. Use of Virtual voice-controlled assistants is made to control the smart home products. Some of the popular among them include Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Each one of them had their own set of pros and cons which need to be checked in detail before buying. 


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In this age of evolving technology, you must have heard about smart homes. But do you know what it is? Well, to define it in simple terms, a smart home is a house that is equipped with several advanced devices that can automate the tasks that are handled by humans. Smart homes are slowly becoming quite popular in the western world. This is by far the best home technology invented as of now.

More about smart homes

Smart homes can be described as advanced homes which provides you the kind of luxury you always wanted. Living in a smart home means, you can have most of the tasks automated. All you need to do is press a few buttons, and it will be done for you. For example, if you have to shut the window in the other room, you can use the remote control to shut it without moving from your place. This is only a basic example of what smart homes are capable of. Other than this, you can find plenty of features in a smart home.

Smart homes are, no doubt, very expensive. After all, they are not like your regular houses. But at the same time, it is worth the money. Either you can equip your house with advanced technology to turn it into a smart home, or you can go for homes that are already structured with it. You can control a smart home with the help of artificial intelligence and voice commands. This is perhaps the most attractive part of having a smart house.

If you want to upgrade your house and take it to the next level, you should think of opting for a smart home plan. This is the perfect idea for people who want to lead their lives in luxury.


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In the context of smart homes, a dwelling that makes use of internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as lighting and heating, is defined as follows:

Smart Home Definition

Smart home technology, also known as home automation or domotics (from the Latin "domus," which means "home"), provides homeowners with increased security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices, typically through a smart home app on their smartphone or another networked device. Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Smart home systems and gadgets, which are a component of the internet of things (IoT), frequently work in concert, exchanging consumer usage data among themselves and automating activities based on the preferences of the homes they serve.

The advent of smart home alternatives has occurred in nearly every sector of life where technology has infiltrated the domestic environment (lightbulbs, dishwashers, and so on).

Connection to the internet allows smart TVs to access information through apps such as streaming video and music. Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Voice and gesture recognition are also included in certain smart TVs.

Smart lighting systems, such as the Hue from Philips Illumination Holding B.V., can be managed remotely and customized in addition to being able to recognize when people are present in a space and alter lighting accordingly. Smart lightbulbs may also control their own brightness levels based on the amount of daylight available.

Smart thermostats, such as the Nest from Nest Labs Inc., are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing users to schedule, monitor, and regulate the temperature of their homes from a distance. These devices also learn about the habits of their owners and automatically adjust their settings to ensure that they are as comfortable and efficient as possible. Smart thermostats may also provide information on energy use and remind customers to update their filters, among other functions.

Smart locks and garage-door openers allow users to give or prohibit entrance to visitors based on their preferences. Additionally, smart locks may detect when inhabitants are close by and automatically unlock the doors for them.

Residents can keep an eye on their houses even while they are away on business or on vacation thanks to smart security cameras. Smart motion sensors are also capable of distinguishing between residents, guests, pets, and intruders, and they can alert authorities if any unusual activity is observed.

With the use of linked feeders, pet care may be made more convenient. Watering for houseplants and lawns may be accomplished through the use of timers that are connected to the system.

Smart kitchen appliances of all kinds are now available, including smart coffee makers that can brew a fresh cup of coffee automatically at a predetermined time; smart refrigerators that keep track of expiration dates, create shopping lists and even create recipes based on the ingredients currently in the refrigerator; slower cookers and toasters; and, in the laundry room, washing machines and dryers that can dry clothes automatically.

Detecting an electric surge and turning off appliances, for example, or detecting water failures or frozen pipes and turning off the water so that the basement does not flood, are examples of how household system monitors may be used.

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