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What is a mobile device management?

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Be smart to manage your mobile devices with mobile device management software!

In this era of advanced technologies, we are accustomed to using various types of gadgets. But, threats are also there in regards to data getting hacked which are stored in those devices. Mobile device management (MDM) can be defined as software which allows IT administrators to keep control, ensure security and enforce policies on tablets, smartphones, and other endpoints.

This software is empowered to secure, monitor and manage the entire mobile data which are stored in your smartphones. It will track the real-time location and hence is helpful in obtaining network data if your device is stolen. No unauthorized person will be able to use the apps in your mobile once this software is there on your phone or tablet. 

Below are some of the benefits of using this software.

• Remote management: All devices can easily be managed from any location. This feature helps to restrain any unauthorized access to your mobile and the data will remain secure. 

• Data back-up: If you are introducing an MDM solution, the data which is connected via corporate applications remains backed up in alignment as per company policy. It controls loss of data in case of device misplacement or stolen.

• Cost effective: Implementing this system is cost-effective in case the company is not providing any device to the employees.  It helps in building a level of trust within the organizational employees making you feel comfortable and valued. Since no additional device is offered to the employees, the company is capable of saving money. 

• Application Control: Any applications which are mandatory to keep the workforce productive on employee mobile devices must be controlled and regulated. MDM offers centralized control to provide the users to make the installation of these applications on respective devices.

• Automatic Deletion: Users can remain insured against stolen or lost devices with use of MDM.  Organizations remain unaffected by any of its resigned employees having access to some of the sensitive information of the company. MDM can delete confidential information from any device. It offers peace of mind to companies.

Use of mobile device management is one of the effective ways to control all the necessary applications from getting hacked or used by any unauthorized persons. The MDM has made it easy to keep the data secured and under control for every organization.


Anahit Ghazaryan

mobile app

Did you know that the global foldable phone shipments were expected to reach 3.2 million units in 2019? According to Statista, that number is forecast to grow to 50.1 million units by 2022.

If you’re planning to develop a mobile app for foldable smartphones, here are the factors you must consider.

Build for Both Folded And Unfolded Screen

You need to develop an app for both folded and unfolded screens. When unfolded, the phone screen should look like a tablet with a lot of space for displaying full-length content. When the screen is folded, the foldable device should look like a typical smartphone and it should display the content in micro-mode to deliver information in bits and pieces.

Create a Seamless Experience for Users

Needless to say, maintaining a consistent user experience across different screens should be a priority.

Switching the device from folded to the unfolded state or vice versa should be automatic and seamless for end-users. When unfolded the device will be bigger, and the user may hold it with both hands just as in the case of tablets. In a folded state, single-handed use can be expected.

On top of that, the on-screen content should resize and flexibly accommodate the same in-screen content and clickable elements as when the screen is folded or unfolded.

Multiple Windows

Obviously, the main purpose of foldable smartphones is to provide users with larger screen real estate and better multitasking. In some cases, users might interact with a few multi-window apps. Keep that in mind when designing and developing your foldable application.

Adjust the Screen Ratios

Since you have multiple screen sizes with the same device, you need to maintain the optimum aspect ratios for all screens. It is crucially important to test your app for various screen ratios. This will ensure that your app is compatible with as many devices as possible.

How to Build Mobile Apps for Foldable Devices

  1. Market research and competition analysis
  2. App concept finalization
  3. App monetization strategy
  4. Selecting IT development partner
  5. Custom UX/UI for foldable app
  6. App development
  7. Market your app
  8. Improve your app with user feedback

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