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What is a common mistake that small-business owners make when their businesses begin growing?

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Parvez Mehta

Be productive not busy

No one is born as a businessman, and we all tend to make mistakes and learn from them. Setting up a business from its very first stage is a challenge. But some may achieve success in the beginning and faces failure later on. Failure of any business is caused due to the mistakes we commit while making our business plan. With a perfect plan, one never fails to succeed. Let us look at some of the most common mistakes that a small business owner might make when his business starts to grow:

1. Insufficient Funds

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail is due to the lack of funds. Small business owners often tend to use all their profits in business growth and go bankrupt as soon as their business starts to pick pace.

Without enough cash, no business can survive. On the same note, not many business owners know the amount of cash flow needed to run a successful business. A good plan is a must before starting a business.

2. Not knowing the Business Market

The business market is changing rapidly, and you have to be updated in your field of business. Business tends to fail soon after they start growing due to the lack of market information.

You need to know your business growth strategy. A positive attitude for research is necessary. Even, growing too fast ahead of the competition is one of those excellent reasons to fail.

3. Poor and Effortless Management

The success of any small-scale business depends upon the quality of the management team. The better you can manage your business and employees; greater will be your productivity rate.

However, in most cases, no management structure is present and the manager’s lack of managing skills. Due to which, business fail even before they start growing. This leaves the entire business in a state of debt and loss.

4. Not Planning Enough

Whenever you start a business without adequate planning, high chances of failure becomes an obligation. Without having a fool-proof business plan, the business will inevitably fail, and rethinking is required in such cases.

In planning, often people struggle to make financial decisions, loan approval and getting the perfect investors for their business.

5. Building an incorrect team

Team members are the foundation for every business, and when this gets wrong, business doesn’t necessarily survive. People tend to hire on the quickest note which costs money every month.

This takes the business on the wrong route hurting the morale, integrity, and revenue of the entire company.

At last, mistakes do happen and what is needed is to correct those mistakes and never do them again.

Of course, becoming a businessman is not easy, but once you overcome failure, substantial revenue and a good lifestyle await your presence.


Bert Woolf

Work for it

Do you own a small business? If yes, then have you in your tenure as a businessman made any mistake so far?  If yes, then there is nothing to feel shy off as who hasn’t!  There are some common mistakes which you will find almost ever small size business owner did especially during the phase when the business is growing.

There are several things that one needs to take into consideration in order to take a decision about business, but pressure turns so severe that many end up making a poor decision which can actually hurt the potential to achieve success or can even cause a serious setback for the business.

  • Failure in making right planning: In most cases, it was found that small businesses end up making all their profit invested back in business without keeping any savings. This leads to a situation of bankruptcy in many cases. Why does this happen? It is all because of poor planning and no plan B in case there is a failure to plan A.

  • Undervaluing the products or selecting the wrong product to market:  Be it a small or big business, the importance of market research cannot be ignored. Many starts doing business just with vague information collected from mates, colleagues or relatives and make no prior market research.  In most cases, they either undervalue the product and offer it at a very low price or make a wrong selection of product. After attaining some taste of success they feel the product is well accepted but the real fact remains that because of low price people were accepting it. When they hike the price a bit In maximum cases, they end up making huge loss which is difficult for them to recover.

  • Poor style of management: One of the biggest mistakes that you will find every small business owner does at least in some part of their tenure in the industry is poor management. The owners fail to select the right set of candidates for managing their business. Poor managers fail to analyze what next to be done at the developing phase of the business.

There are many other mistakes that small business owners do but among the above mistakes, poor management is one of the biggest reason for which these businesses suffer.

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