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What exercises can help reduce stress?


Dipti Singh

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A teenager, old or a working person, whoever you are, you can’t simply escape stress. The effects of stress can induce headaches, insomnia, weight gain, and tons of other harmful effects. Stress is quite common. The only thing you can do to it is to control them.  Exercises play a great roll in reducing stress. To help reduce stress, you don’t need to perform any fancy exercises. Bringing up simple hobbies like working in your yard, cleaning your home or simply jogging in your garden can help you a lot. Stress can be brought down by simply following the below routines too:

Cardio Exercise

For mind along with heart, cardio exercise is the best fit. Good Cardio exercise can bring stress levels under control and can help you to think better. Digging a little deep, heart rate is elevated with stress and performing good cardio exercises can make you peaceful. In Cardio Exercise, you can either take weight or can even make use of a treadmill to sweat that extra fat and eliminate stringent stress levels.


Yet another form of exercise, Yoga has been proven to maintain a healthy mind along with the body. Its postures are made to reduce stress levels, give strength and make you more flexible and resilient. It even composes of deep breathing which keeps your body relaxed for a longer duration. Also, as per different studies, yoga helps in reducing blood pressure which indirectly helps in releasing stress from your mind.


Yes, Dancing is another great form of exercise, and if you are a dance lover, this exercise can do wonders to reduce stress. It involves a combination of mental, body and emotional aspect keeping you keenly focused on dancing. Dancing helps to build a connection with people reducing stress and boosts the level of happiness. 


Pilates is well known to release stress, improve mental awareness and increases flexibility.  It even helps in releasing tension which can help you feel relaxed and perform daily activities at a more productive rate. You can perform different breathing techniques during Pilates and release stress on the quickest note. 

Lastly, if you are serious to reduce stress levels, you will need to eliminate your sedentary lifestyle. Become active, eat healthily, perform the above exercises, and you will definitely see a gradual reduction in your stress levels. 

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