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What employee benefits are required by law?


Rakhi Dey

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Once the business starts to flourish, the owner begins hiring the employees, and he has to abide by the employee benefits made by law. The process includes figuring out all the legalities of hiring an employee and the liabilities of an employer and what are the additional services an employer provides to employees.

Benefits offered are:

  • Social security tax:   As per the SBA government, every employer has to pay social security taxes based on the rates of their employees' pay. This is collected as payroll or self-employment tax. This tax is later paid for the retirement or as a survivorship benefit. This is also known as Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI).

  • Worker's compensation Act 1932:  This provides fair compensation to the employees who suffer from personal injury in the course of their employment. They promote safety in the workplace.

  • Unemployment insurance:  This insurance provides compensation to those employees who lose their jobs with the fault of the organization. It is different for each country. For this, the business needs to be registered with the state's workforce agency.

  • Family and medical leave:  According to the Family and Medical Leave Act, it demands the employer to provide at least 12 weeks unpaid time off to the employees for 12 months. This benefit saves the employees from losing their job to take care of themselves or to take care of their family members, including the birth of a child, to foster consideration of newborns. The leave according to the law is unpaid, but it can be paid leave if the employer offers it as an additional benefit to the employees.

  • Benefits of COBRA:  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, 1985 allows the employees to make coverage of insurance at the rates if the employer’s group for a max. Period of 18 months. This benefit is for the former employee, dependent children, employees’ spouses, and retirees.

Providing employees with an additional benefit may lead to boosting of morale. The other benefits may include a retirement plan, life insurance, health insurance, paid leave, dental insurance, etc.

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