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What does a fashion designer do?


Lakshmi Atwal

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Fashion designing is a fascinating and creative field. Being in this field, an individual puts their creativity to work. A fashion designer creates and produces some unique and original designs of apparel, footwear or accessories. There are various fields which require a fashion designer and the main job a fashion designer varies among all these fields. Most designers work regular hours whereas many designers work as a freelancer.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

The nature of the job of different designers varies whereas there are a few tasks that all the fashion designers typically do. Following are some everyday tasks which fashion designers are required to do:

  1. Create new designs – The primary responsibility of a fashion designer is to create new and unique fashion designs (be it jewelry, accessory, or a dress) that appeal to a lot of consumers. The design has to be something unique and new that can be helpful for the designers to set up their business. 
  2. Select material, color, trim, style, and other required material – Another task of a fashion designer is to select the right type of material and fabric. All aspiring fashion designers should develop and increase their knowledge about different fabrics. As a fashion designer, you should know which combination would be right to work with the design.
  3. Study fashion trends – It is essential for a fashion designer to learn about fashion trends and create designs accordingly. As a fashion designer, you have to follow the historical and ongoing fashion trends and also work on your current designs to determine upcoming trends in the industry.
  4. Present your design ideas  After the creation of the design, the next executing step is to present those ideas. Present your design ideas to the top creative designers or participate in different fashion shows and showcase your designs to the masses in those fashion shows.
  5. Visit Manufacturers and Trade shows – All fashion designers should visit manufacturers and trade shows and collect samples of the fabrics available there to learn about the latest fashion trends. 
  6. Market design to retailers and consumers – Designers should also understand the importance of branding and the business side of the fashion industry. Focus on fashion marketing and market your designs to other retailers, distributor or directly to the consumers. Analyze the sales and market accordingly.
  7. Oversee everything – Oversee all the stages of your design and ensure that all the requirements and deadlines are completed 

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