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what do you think are the advantages of having a virtual friend?

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mikayla mathieson

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I feel an advantage would be not knowing the person. Just connecting without really knowing someone it can have a positive effect on your life

Airtract Layla Brook -

It really can have a positive effect, but only if he/she is a good person.

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Nihala Shirin

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There are a lot of online platforms which encourage this virtual friendships.The advantages of it lie in what exactly you are expecting from a virtual friend and who your virtual friend is.if you are just looking for somebody to kill your time and have fun with then a virtual friend will do good


Bini K

Breezing By :)

Agree to all who answered before me. Having a virtual friend who would just listen to you without passing judgemental comments does help one especially during one's low times. At times learning from each other regarding any subject under the sun may also take place....provided one is willing to learn and listen in return. It cannot be a one way friendship

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