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What do you like about clothing/fashion?


Lakshmi Atwal

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Fashion in the most natural term defined as the way we dress and represent ourselves to the outer world. But the trend may vary more than that. Fashion for me is an art form; The art of wrapping ourselves with different kinds of wrappers, i.e., clothes along with accessories like jewelry, watches, shoes, etc. Fashion is a decision you make on a daily basis- from the time you wake up, until the time you return to bed, style plays a very dominant role in our lives. Fashion allows us to reflect on our inner thoughts and helps us to live every moment of our life, exactly the way we want to. 

The like-able factors of Fashion for me!

Fashion is love- love of seeing ourselves in different new avatars. Fashion plays a significant role in influencing people- a person’s attire can reflect his confidence while giving an interview, or maybe in a party, a person who is dressed confidently is loved and favored by the crowd. 

Fashion is unique- manner makes us noticeable in a creative way while protecting our modesty.  The first impression of a person is generally perceived from your attire- the way you dresses.  Fashion adds flexibility to the personality of an individual, and it is a way of self-empowerment and confidence. 

Fashion is a part of the physiology and psychology of a person. Helping the person to transform his/her body language and add a zest of positive attitude thus ultimately lifting the person both physically as well as emotionally. 

What I love the most about fashion are its never-ending choices. Fashion for me is a game without any rules and with endless opportunities every day.  Fashion is an expression- a message without a word. Fashion adds colors to our lives- making it more vibrant and joyous, helping us to evolve with the changing time. 

Rightfully described that “ Fashion is the place where art, history, love, music, and emotion combine to form the harmony of life.” 

Fashion is like a mirror, reflecting us to the world with an ideal blend of style, values, attitude towards life and confidence. Fashion for me is the spice of my life- making my life more meaningful and adding depth to it.

Fashion is a language, a feeling of its own without which there remains a void in our personality.

Lastly, Dress well Influence society positively.

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