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What do employers look for in a resume?


Santia Christiane

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Several candidates spend a lot of time - long hours or even days, to create their resume. But your efforts will not be fruitful if you cannot add the most essential elements into the resume. Your resume is the first thing that the employers check and you should make your resume stand out.

You will need to make sure that the resume not only reflects your hard work, but it should also reflect professionalism and why you are fit for the role. Here are some of the most important and crucial details that employers look for in a resume.

  • Ease of reading - The very first thing you should remember while creating a resume is to make sure that the resume is easily readable. Use reasonable font and size so the employers can read it properly. Do not use fancy fonts, maintain a good font size and highlight important details which the employers should know about.

  • Different Keywords - Employers receive a huge load of resumes when they are recruiting employees. It is not possible for them to read every resume line by line. So it is your duty to make sure that you use different keywords that will go well with the role you have applied for.
    Carefully dissect the position they are offering and create a list of skills that goes well with it. Match the skills required with the skills or knowledge you have and highlight them in your resume.

  • Progress in your Career - While reading a resume your employers will surely scan for the progress that you have made in your career. This helps them to identify the kind of experience and knowledge a candidate has gathered over the course of their career. Therefore, make sure to outline the position you held and the kind of accomplishments you have achieved in previous workplaces.

  • Good formatting - Your resume should be properly formatted. Your employers should be able to easily read the resume without spending much time on it. Make it presentable by writing in short paragraphs, bold keywords and readable font size. Many employers observe how the resume has been formatted and the effort you have put in to make it precise and absolutely to the point.

So here are the few things which employers look for in a resume. Make sure to keep these few things in mind or else your resume will be of no use even if you carry all the skills required for the concerned position.

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