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What companies are working on artificial intelligence and deep learning?


Andrea Vurlow

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Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most advanced fields of science, which revolutionized our way of living.

Before jumping directly into the topic, let us first understand the terms Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

What is AI?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of Science dealing with machines to find solutions to complex problems in a more human way.

  • This involves implementing characteristics from human intelligence and using them as algorithms in the computer-generated world.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a part of Machine Learning which focuses on different types of algorithms which can be implemented in a device to impart human-like traits like learning from example.

Let us now focus on the companies working on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

    NVIDIA is known worldwide for its powerful GPU chipset, which is used in the development of advanced technologies like manless vehicles, games based on artificial intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc.

  • AIBrain
    Another giant in the AI and Deep Learning industry, AIBrain offers unique and valuable AI solutions for various other industries like smartphone industries and robotics industries. AIBrain offers three main products which are as follows:

    • AICoRE: A highly advanced cognitive reasoning engine.
    • iRSP: An intelligent Robot Software Platform.
    • Futurable: An AI-based game featuring fully autonomous AI characters.
  • Amazon
    This retail giant performs research and development to offer AI based consumer/business-related products. The most AI product from Amazon is Amazon Echo, which implements AI into our homes. Few other AI products manufacture by Amazon are:

    • Lex: A business version of Alexa
    • Polly: AI software for translating text into speech
    • Rekognition: AI-based image-recognition software.
  • Intel
    One of the leading AI leaders of the globe, Intel offers various types of AI services like

    • Nervana: A deep-learning processor
    • Movidius: Software providing assistance in neural networks of the Windows Systems.
    • AI acceleration for Bing (search engine from Microsoft) through Arria FPGA processors.
  • Google
    A leader in the AI and Deep learning field, Google uses AI to provide a wide array of services, most importantly being the Google search engine. Google is also responsible for the development of its AI-based project known as TensorFlow, and development of Tensor AI chip.

  • Microsoft
    Another Leader in the AI and Deep learning field, Microsoft provides a wide range of I-based consumer and business-oriented products. Cortana is the AI-based digital support developed by Microsoft for the Windows platform. 

Airtract Aish Patil -

AI makes it workable for machines to gain new data sources and perform functions. Man-made consciousness History The term man-made consciousness was instituted in 1956, yet AI has become more famous today on account of expanded information volumes, progressed calculations, and upgrades in figuring power and capacity.

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