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What companies are developing artificial intelligence?


Rose M Domingo

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As machine learning is becoming an integral part of the future, many companies have been investing in artificial intelligence. Here we bring you a list of top companies who are developing artificial intelligence and are already making waves with it.

1. Apple: 
How can we speak of AI and not speak of Apple? Recent years saw the company acquiring various startups specializing in AI and have a separate department focusing on machine learning and AI. Siri and other tools have already been under development from the technology giant which helps in improving the user experience.

2. Amazon: 
The retailing giant has invested heavily in AI for processing as well as for enhancing the customer experience. The Alexa from Amazon which has been integrated to the echo speakers from the company has been quite popular. The Amazon Web Services, shortly known as AWS has more than 10k customers to its credit with clients like Netflix, NASA, Siemens, Tinder and NFL among them.

3. Google: 
Google is among the top contenders for companies harnessing the potential of AI. And they have been acquiring quite a lot of startups on that count. And there have been many different products which have already made it to the market like the Tensorflow.

It is not just the big players though. There are also many different startups and small-time companies which are using the AI to its fullest potential.

1. Tempus: 
Tempus in the health/medical industry has managed to use the AI for gathering and analyzing a huge amount of medical data including the medical history of the patients to provide personalized treatment to every patient. They are currently focusing on cancer research with AI.

2. AEye: 
Automated vehicles are the next-gen transportation and AEye builds the software and the algorithms that will provide the eyes for the futuristic vehicles. The technology called LiDAR will help with information on cars, animals, etc. helping the vehicles to make the right decision while driving.

3. Blue River Tech: 
A company that focuses on improving farming technology, this company has been combining AI with computer vision to build a path for smarter farming. For instance, they have created a See & Spray machine which will only spray the herbicide on the weeds thereby reducing the amount of chemicals on the good plants.

Artificial Intelligence has managed to make rapid growth in the past five years. Quite a few companies have managed to understand and use the potential of AI to its optimum.

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