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What challenges will I face while running a small business?


Yadu Prasad

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Being a businessman is not an easy task, with tremendous competition in the business sphere; only the survival of the fittest is possible. If you are an aspiring businessman, then you might face several additional problems like building a brand name, gaining the trust of the customers around the globe, proper knowledge about different business models and necessary ways to implement the same, etc.

In this module, we’ll be discussing some of the problems that you might face while running your business. 

·         Health care and regulation
It's important to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the proper health of their employees. The rate for Health care policies is rising at a tremendous rate, and it is becoming difficult for the business owners, especially the owners of the comparatively smaller businesses, to manage their overall revenue.

·         Managing cash flow
Cash flow is very crucial for the survival of the smaller business. The businessman/entrepreneurs face challenges while paying the employees and managing the overall budget simultaneously. Problems become more when there’s a delay in payment from the customer’s side even after the delivery of the products. Getting a small business loan may give you relief in such cases. You just need to be cautious and apply for the right one for your business.  

·         Government Regulations
With each passing year, the regulations imposed by the government are becoming tighter and heavier, with their regulations. Regulations like the Clean Air Act require the use of proper vehicles and machinery to prevent the release of harmful gases and chemicals that might cause air pollution and also damage the ozone layer. These regulations are no doubt very essential but to implement these a huge revenue is required, which can be a big challenge for smaller businesses.

·         Income Tax 
Every year the rate of income tax is also soaring sky high, and it is becoming a problem especially for the smaller businesses to keep pace with it.

·         Time management
The smaller businesses hire a relatively lower number of employees to manage the overall budget. As a result of this, the workload on individuals increases (same for the business owners who have to perform multi-tasking), and time management becomes difficult. Moreover, due to proper time management, the overall quality of the products manufactured might get compromised.

·         Staying hungry (passionate)
The businessmen and entrepreneurs will be facing several setbacks during the initial establishment period. Most of them easily crumble under pressure and give up. But it is essential to stay passionate even during those crisis periods, as they play a very essential role in shaping the growth and future of the business.

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