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What careers are in health science?


Ehsaan Ali

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Health science can be defined as the subject making application of science on health and covers the study of nutrition, medicine, and several other health-related chapters. In other words, we can say it is a pure science which is applied for clinical and practical practices for improving living beings health. If you make an effort to check the list of available jobs for the students with this degree, then you will find that options are endless. If we need to divide it into important segments, then here we have 5 to consider: 

1.    Diagnostic services.
2.    Therapeutic services.
3.    Health informatics.
4.    Support services.
5.    Biotechnology research and development.

The demand for excellent healthcare providers was always there in the market, and the same is increasing at a rapid speed even today and showing no signs to give a full stop. To cope up with the demand of the industry, several universities and colleges across the globe are introducing educational programs which can get the candidates ready for this ever demanding industry. The chances of getting placed just after completion of a degree are high for the students of this subject.  If you check the job portal, you will find a long list of jobs which need health science degree holders.

Some of the promising career options for the students of health science are: 

1.    Audiologist: Audiologists are those professionals who are specialist in the process of prevention, identification as well as assessment to offer treatment to patients of hearing impairment.

2.    Epidemiologist: Epidemiology is one of the major components of public health. An epidemiologist is responsible for making studies to show how such disease spreads with the application of statistical models. An epidemiologist may work in association with a hospital to ensure that the implementation of programs restricts disease spreading.

3.    Physician Assistant: A physician assistant will be the one who can technically perform all everyday tasks which a  doctor does but need to work under the immediate supervision of a practicing doctor.

4.    Chiropractor: They are the professionals who are responsible for giving treatment to patients having health problems related to the neuromusculoskeletal system.

5.    Health education specialist: Qualified professionals who educate people about behaviors which can support in promoting wellness and help in the development and implementation of strategies to improve the condition of health both of individuals as well as communities.

There are many other career options available for health science, and above are some of the popular ones in the industry.

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