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What careers are in biotechnology?


Kanika Tanu

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To explain in simple terms, biotechnology is nothing but a technology which is based on biology. Biotechnology deals with cellular as well as biomolecular processes which are essential to developing technologies and different products which support in improving the lives of humans and the overall health of the planet. In other words, we can say that technology targets to design tools for empowering man, while biotechnology enables man to change himself, to make him a better fit for this world. It is the application of achievements made by the biological sciences, which includes the science of genetics and other applicants.  Biotechnology supports in improving food quality, its quantity and the method of processing.  

Getting a degree in biotechnology is not enough to get your lab coat. A degree will set the stage to get an entry in a wide variety of career choices which includes marketing, management, and laboratory science. Your career choice in the field of biotechnology is strongly dependent on the highest level of education which you completed.

Popular Biotechnology Careers:

1.    Biochemist: Biochemist profile is a very challenging one and needs knowledge of both biology and computer science.  The job is to work on biomedical data and create valuable information.

2.    Biotechnologist:  If you are having an excellent research background and think to believe in the fact that laboratory working suits your interest, then this career is for you. You can get employment in one of several subfields for private as well as public employers for researching the living systems. 

3.    Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical Engineers make use of the knowledge of biology, engineering, and medical field for developing advanced tools and products for improving the lives of many patients. 

4.    Clinical Research Associate: A clinical research associate will be the one who will be responsible for making the design, planning, application, and give direction for the projects on clinical research. Such associates do work in Medical and Clinical Laboratory.

5.    Environmental Engineer: Environmental engineers can have either bachelor’s degrees or master’s degree to work in this profile. They analyze the ingredients to ensure the operation is going based on specifications and the processes and products are meeting the industry approval.

The above are 5 popular career choices for biotechnology students. Apart from this, there are many other options which include Validation Technician, Agricultural and Food Scientist, Agricultural Engineer, Epidemiologist, Microbiologist and many more are there on the list. All that you need to keep in mind is that you are completing your degree, master degree or Ph.D. in biotechnology from a reputed college/university and that too with good marks.  Check the reviews of the college and the placement of the students for getting a better idea about career options.

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