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What can you do with a social science degree?


Prerna Das

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Social Science is a massive branch of study which is combined with the disciplines of both Science and Humanities. It is related to the studies of human behavior, culture, traditions, beliefs, reality and the way he socializes with the environment around him. There are a lot of subjects which come under Social Science. They are Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Social Work, Anthropology, Criminology, Market Research, etc. People sometimes cannot make out what they can do by acquiring a degree in any of the subjects of Social Science. You should be informed that there are enormous opportunities for you if you earn a degree in social science. They are as follows:

1. Sociologist

As Sociology is a part of Social Science, you can easily study this discipline and earn a master’s degree in this discipline. Being a sociologist, you can apply for employment in various colleges or schools as a teacher, and further experiences can give you scope to conduct researches under renowned institutions and organizations. 

2. Social Worker

They are professionals who work closely with individuals, groups or communities in a professional approach and helps them to find out better ways and routes to cope up with the prevailing issues and problems of the society. A graduate of a master’s degree is necessary for being a social worker.

3. Mental health Counselor

Mental health and Counselling degrees have a great scope in today’s world. Nowadays people face a lot of problems regarding their personal as well as social life and solely seek a professional expert who can help them out to cope with their present situations. Counselors have the skill to listen and make them know about their respective way out to get a resolution form the problems. 

4. Child Psychologist

Children need a unique guide and advice from time to time so that they can be managed to be well behaved and disciplined. Nowadays, almost every schools are responsible for appointing a psychologist for the students. 

5. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are the professionals who go through the data and information of the overall market concerning the companies and organizations and think for proper strategies for the actual growth and development of the company.

6. Human Resource Officer

This personnel is involved with the direct recruitment, screening, training, grievances, and employment of the company. Students with a Social Science degree can go for this opportunity. 

Besides, there are other career opportunities like Anthropologist, Career Advisor, Community Development Officer, Intelligence Analyst, Charity Officer, Probation Officer, etc.

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