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What can you do with a PhD in biology?

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Swati Jobin

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Roughly it takes 4-6 years or even more (depending on the university) to acquire a Ph.D. (Doctor Of Philosophy) degree in biology. Ph.D. is mainly a research program. While pursuing the degree every individual gains knowledge in the research field. The study of biology is important as it is considered as the science of living beings. What can you do with a Ph.D. in biology depend on the knowledge that you have gained in a specified field of biology? This includes biochemistry and biophysics, microbiology, etc.; after completion of the degree, one can go for research scientist jobs or jobs related to biotechnology.

Career opportunities after a Ph.D. in biology

  • Research Scientist

As a research scientist, your work is entirely based on doing laboratory experiments. One should have experience in doing laboratory experiments. Your duties include:

Conducting experiments and analyzing the data.

Gathering samples and working on them.

Guiding junior staff.

Writing research papers etc.;

  • Microbiologist

The study of microscopic organisms is known as microbiology. As a microbiologist you have to conduct experiments on microscopic organisms to understand their growth, structure, their interaction with the environment, etc.; With a Ph.D. you can individually do research programs and teach undergraduate and graduate students. You should possess problem-solving skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, research skills, etc.;

  • Geneticist

Genetics is a branch/field of biology. It is all about studying genes, heredity in organisms, etc.; As a geneticist, you are responsible for generating new characters/traits by using different types of chemicals. Some Forensic scientists conduct DNA tests by using their knowledge of genetics. Most of the geneticists work in university laboratories, hospitals, government agencies, etc.; Responsible for creating reports and articles of the patient's health. You should have laboratory experience and research skills.

  • Environmental Scientist

The main job of an environmental scientist is to protect the environment and the living creatures which are part and parcel of the situation. As an environmental scientist one should engage or create presentations and training programs. Generally, you have to possess technical knowledge and business skills to work as an environmental scientist. You have to analyze samples and inform them about ecological conditions. Communication skills are fundamental.

Apart from the options mentioned above, you can also work as a pharmacist, dentist, biochemist, veterinary physician, etc.; 

Ph.D. graduates can also go for some alternative career options which include writing, product managing, teaching biology-related courses etc.;

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Nill Bomer

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With a Ph.D. in biology  you can save lives, for example :) I admire women in STEM)
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