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What can we do to stop child labour?


Vanita Manohar

Professional Overthinker

The term child labor refers to the involvement of children for work in a factory, household, stalls, construction site, etc. The Sub – Saharan Africa has got a vast number of child laborer’s when compared with the rest of the countries. The leading cause of this is poverty. Poverty makes the parents force their child to go for work as this would bring them extra money for their daily needs. The lack of proper educational facilities has also been a leading cause of this scenario.

The laws which are formed to protect the children against harmful practices are not adequately implemented. Today children working in the household in urban areas are of central concern because they can’t be easily deducted.

The steps we can follow to stop child labor are as follows:

  • Begin with your locality: If you have the anger within yourself, then you must start from your area that if somebody employs child or make him indulge in such activities, then you must complain in the child helpline no. 1098 so that those children could get some facilities and they can also live their life.

  • Make a conversation with the parents of the child: You must try to talk to the parents who make them work. Try to make them aware about the government policies and schools where they can educate their child with nominal or no fees.

  • Support NGO: You can also start to support NGO or volunteer work on their behalf. These children are the future of our nation, and if these children are exploited with these works, our country would have no brighter future.

  • Responsible citizen: You must act as a responsible citizen and spread awareness among the people about education, literacy, etc.

  • Creating difference: everyone must try to create a difference in the society by doing small steps. These small steps can help a child get a better future for him/her as well as for their parents.

  • Government policies or corporate social responsibility:  Government must formulate the strategies for reducing child labor and by imposing liability on the companies whose turnover or profits are beyond a certain limit must contribute a part of their savings for the improvement of our nation by the betterment of children and reduction of child labor in the society.


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