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What are your rights as an employee?


Aditi Chandrasekhar

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Many of you may not know this, but as an employee, you have many rights enforced by law. These laws are made for the protection of employees from employer discrimination, hazardous working environment and other problems that may threaten the well-being and safety of an employee. Every company is required to follow these laws for the best interest of their employees. An employee can even take action against the company based on these grounds of laws.

Rights of an Employee

Every employee is entitled to certain rights that ensure his well-being within the workplace. These rights of an employee are protected by the law. As an employee of a firm, you should be acquainted with these rights. This is important for your betterment. The rights of an employee can be summed up into the following points.

1. Every employee has the right to safety
This allows you to demand a safe and healthy work environment. This ensures that there are less hazardous elements in the workplace. In other words, every company has to provide a safe working environment for its employees. In case, you feel that the environment you are working in is not safe enough you can complain to your employer or the company.

2. Employees also have the right to access records and other important information related to the company
Not just that, but employees are also allowed to review their files and records stored in the company. They also have the right to access information related to any changes that are going to take place and can affect the working environment of the employee.

3. The workplace you are working in should be free from any discrimination based on gender, caste, age, religion, etc.
Some laws safeguard the rights of employees who are pregnant, disable and aged. In case, you feel that you are being deprived of your rights, you can take the matter to the legal authorities. Not just that, but you can also ask for protection from your employer. However, this is only true in cases where you have been threatened by your employer.

4. Employees also have the right to go on strikes.
However, there has to be a legit reason for the act. Employees may decide to take such a step without giving prior notice to the company.

5. For female employees
They should be informed that they have the right to protect themselves from any sexual harassment in the workplace. In case of any such complaint made by a female employee, the company is bound to take the necessary steps.

So these are some of the main rights that every employee has, and they should know about it.

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