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What are the worst startups ideas that turned out to be a huge success?

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Santia Christiane

Dream beyond limits

There is no parameter to measure the success rate of any idea before it gets implemented. If you are willing to start something, you will have to take risks. When the implementation is good, and the people working for it are laborious, then the idea will work definitely and will give a good result. This is probably the reason, which worked for some of the startup ideas that did not sound great but turned out to be very successful. Here is a list of some of them.


To start with, let’s talk about one app that is used for online money transfer. Today, we all have gone digital, but at the time when Paypal was launched, people were not in favor of transferring their money online. The reason behind it was that they had to share their confidential information to the application. Even in that situation also, Paypal turned out to be a huge success. In the year 2014, the total revenue collection of Paypal was found at 8.3 billion dollars.


Quora is not the first site that is used for finding the answers to your questions. There were many such sites available like,, and many others. The format was not accepted by the people earlier, but in the case of Quora, the scene changed completely. If we talk about the revenue generation of this website, then it is more than a billion dollars today.


As mentioned earlier, for the working of an idea correctly, the correct implementation of it is very necessary. Facebook is not the first app of its time. Earlier we had apps like Orkut that was used for the same purpose. No one had ever imagined that the app would grow so fast and will reach to this height, not even its founder. Mark Zuckerberg and his friends designed this platform for the students of Harvard University s only. They too were not sure whether this would work or not. However, the result is in front of us. Today, Facebook’s value has increased so much that it has bought other apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.  

With the examples given above, it is very clear that the ideas need to be applied properly for the success of any startup. Also, the determination of power is important in this regard.


Bert Woolf

Work for it

People with the most influential startups didn’t know they’d be successful when they began their journey and that is perhaps the most difficult and beautiful thing about entrepreneurship. They never let their fear of ‘will this work?’ get into their way of trying.

Here are some most ridiculous startup ideas that became successful in the long run.


Google was started at a time when twenty other search engines were abandoned as commoditized money losers and today, Google is the most popular search engine across the globe with a net worth more than $380 million.


Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook along with his Harvard University fellow roommate Eduardo Saverin in 2003. Back then, what were the odds that it’d work out brilliantly even after social networking sites existing like MySpace and Friendster.

3.    PET ROCK

Pet Rock was founded in 1975 by Gary Dahl, with the intention of conceiving collectible smooth stones from Rosarito beach. They marketed in making them look like live pets, wrapped in brilliantly cut out cardboard boxes with straws and holes. He sold 1.5 million pet rocks for $4 each and became a millionaire.


Cards against humanity is a party game where players complete unfilled blank sentences with words and phrases which are generally held as unparliamentary and offensive and printed on playing cards. The title of the game reflected its nature of submitting to politically incorrect words and usage of ridiculed ideas.


Clear from the title, did anyone ever think we needed plastic wishbones? I’m sure a lot of people did because clearly, this idea worked wonders for its founder Ken Ahroni. He founded Lucky to help people across to divine one’s destiny. The company now produces 30,000 wishbones daily, selling each at a price of $3. 

Surprised, aren’t you?

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