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What are the uses of information technology in healthcare?

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Rochan Chand

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Information Technology refers to the use of computers to create, store, process, and retrieve electronic data or information. The field of information technology is growing fast, and it is being used in different areas and fields. It is used in the business industry, banking sector, railways, commerce and trade, and many other fields. It is also used in one of the most critical areas which are Medical Science, and it is known as Health information technology(HIT).

Health information technology (HIT) is the application of the IT industry in medical science. HIT refers to the use of computer hardware and software for the storage and use of healthcare information and to record the data of the patients. HIT supports the maintenance of data and patient’s information. This allows the doctors and the health and government agencies to have immediate access to the information or electronic data.

The use of IT in the healthcare industry is improving the healthcare industry. Various tools and apps are beneficial for patients. An individual can keep track of his/her health, follow a diet chart or can even connect with a doctor with the help of the mobile application.

Benefits of Information Technology in Healthcare: 

  • Patient’s medical history is maintained and can be easily tracked.
  • Data can be stored and retrieved easily.
  • The use of HIT has reduced the risks of medication errors.
  • Improved medication safety.
  • Reduces the paperwork required to maintain the data.
  • It also helps maintain patients confidentiality.
  • It gives you and your healthcare provider the direct access to your health records and medical history.
  • Maintaining data in computers is less time-consuming in comparison to managing data on papers.
  • According to studies, the use of HIT reduces the cost of outpatient care.
  • Improves the quality of care as well as the quality of life.

There has been a significant change in the medical field because of HIT. It is easier to store a patient’s information which decreases the risk of any mistakes and thereby increases the patient’s safety. HIT is a great tool which helps in providing better care to the patients. It is an essential task for all the healthcare IT professionals to ensure that the patients’ data are complete and accurate.

HIT supports and allows multiple healthcare professionals to record and share documents of the patient’s treatment and data for analysis of the information. We can say that it has increased efficiency and improved the overall quality of healthcare.


Anna Nesmiyanova

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There are different ways technology is used in healthcare. The abundance of medical apps prove this:

  • medical reference apps: Epocrates, Medscape;
  • professional networking apps for medical providers: DailyRounds, Figure1;
  • patient health tracking apps: VitalHub Chart;
  • doctor appointment booking apps;
  • telehealth apps;
  • medical calculator apps: MDCalc, Calculate by QxMD;
  • e-Prescription apps: iPrescribe.


Charles Robbins

Software Engineer

    Hey Jasmin, based on my experience in software development (~8 years of work in the IT field), there are lots of uses in healthcare.

    In the era of digitalization, everyone needs their health record on smartphone, in cloud, wherever. So I'm the specialist who creates susch software.

    Recently, the telehealth software has become a must, as many people are trying to stay at home the longest possible time. My latest project is health insurance app development. The app is supposed to link the user and the insurance company, with no need to go to the office.

    So the healthcare is affected much by the IT, and it's a great time to start learning programming.


Ritesh Patil

Technology is best when it brings people together

Information Technology in healthcare is rolling out patient-centric solutions for the masses. It has positively impacted the caregiving systems and healthcare providers alongside transforming the doctor-patient relationships. Even in this current pandemic situation, this technology is making quality healthcare accessible to people from the remotest of areas across the globe. 

Telemedicine platforms, telehealth apps, and other e-medical solutions have started to observe mass adoption, thanks to the electronic data and information flow. Online pharmaceutical platforms are reaping the benefits of this ecosystem and offering contactless medicine delivery solutions. Virtual medical consultation is now happening for real and healthcare professionals are widening their reach.    

Let’s check out some of the uses of Information Technology in healthcare.

  • Quality care can reach even regions with scarce medical facilities and cater to a larger population

  • It offers the ability of remote interactions and ease-of-use

  • Multi-specialty care can be received via a one-stop platform

  • Patients are exposed to competitive medical care and in-budget treatment and diagnostics practices 

  • Managing and optimizing patient history for future procedures is easier

  • Information Technology in healthcare offers end-to-end data encryption and conversation privacy

  • Triggers easy appointment scheduling and multiple payment modes

  • Dedicated one-to-one medical consultation is achieved with regular reports and updates

  • Collection of data and record-keeping is easier

  • The workload of healthcare providers can be evenly distributed between online and offline services    

    Having said that, it can be concluded that Information Technology in healthcare is here to replace the traditional caregiving practices and accomplish a global reach. Besides, virtual care and online consultation are showing their potential to support the existing delivery of healthcare services. 

    With healthcare information technology at the helm, a value-for-money platform can be established that focuses on integrating online and hand-on care solutions. Even chronic illnesses and emergencies can be efficiently dealt with. 

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