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What are the types of SEO?


Bhavini Mahesh

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Depending on the goals, demand, and relevance of a website there are four important types of SEO practices. These four types are categorized in various shades of a color palette. These colors represent the different approach in which the SEO practice is done. Here I will discuss the four types of SEO: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Negative SEO. The essential thing you must remember is to stay away from the dark shades as it can hurt your goals and stability. Scroll down to check out the various types of SEO:

White Hat SEO: The White Hat SEO is considered as the actual SEO practice which can be sued to get better and higher rankings on the various Search Engines. It is also adhered by the guidelines of significant Search engines including Google. Out of all the other types, the White Hat SEO brings results, and it is known to be the wholesome approach that follows the algorithms of Google. It involves the usage of quality content on the websites, link building, HTML optimization and using various campaigns that support the quality of the content with the help of research and outreach. It is a slower process. However, it is result oriented.

Black Hat SEO: Using the black hat SEO practices give quick results and it is an affordable deal as it involves shortcuts to get into the top results of search engines. However, this practice is against the guidelines of Google Webmaster, and it gets you in the risk zone of getting barred. So, you must not get involved in the Black Hat SEO. This is a quick practice, but there are risks involved in the training.

Grey Hat SEO: As the color suggests, this type of SEO is neither black hat SEO nor white hat SEO. In this type of SEO, the mix of both activities is used in this technique. It can also be called as a technique in which the transformation of the black hat towards white SEO is done. If not crossed the line to black hat SEO, this one gives quick and better results. Many companies follow the Grey Hat SEO.

Negative SEO: This type of SEO practice is implemented on other people’s website with black or grey hat SEO. It is often done to make the bad reputation of the competitor’s site on the search engine.

Above is the list of different types of SEO which are used by the SEO specialist in the industry for improving the visibility and ranking of the websites. You need to make the selection of the SEO type depending on the nature of your business as well as the result you are looking for.

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